Bug #6928

freeRADIUS, logging with "Access-Reject" not work in mysql table radpostauth

Added by Konstantin Ab 3 months ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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The table(radpostauth) is recorded only events "Access-Accept".
in the table(radpostauth) needed events "Acces-Reject"

Write syslog events "Access-Accept" is ok:

Login OK: [4C11BF3AAECC/pkz] (from client PKZ.DES320018.Kombikorm port 0 cli 4C-11-BF-3C-AA-CC)

write syslog enents "Acces-reject" is ok:

Login incorrect: [001D5241BA5B/pkz] (from client PKZ.DES320018.Kombi port 0 cli 00-1D-52-41-BA-5B)

Package / FreeRADIUS / Settings:
"Log Password on Authentication Failure" selected "Log"

Package / FreeRADIUS / SQL
"Enable SQL Post-Auth" is Enable

Sniffer shows that no queries to the table "radpostauth"


#1 Updated by Konstantin Ab 3 months ago

for change it - needed uncomment this:
section post-auth
variable sql

Post-Auth-Type REJECT {
# log failed authentications in SQL, too.

#2 Updated by Kill Bill 23 days ago

Does uncommenting this break things if SQL is disabled? The whole thing is a damn complex heap of code, not really keen to touch it beyond uncommenting the line.

#3 Updated by Konstantin Ab 22 days ago

i tryed diable SQL. No problem.
I'm watching the security problems in this table.

#4 Updated by Kill Bill 22 days ago

Can you please test this patch?

- Apply via System Patches (Path Strip Count = 4) or manually
- Check "Enable SQL Post-Auth" in Package / FreeRADIUS / SQL, click Save and see if it works. The line should be uncommented and info logged.
- Uncheck "Enable SQL Post-Auth" in Package / FreeRADIUS / SQL, click Save and check again - the line should be commented and the info not logged any more.


#5 Updated by Konstantin Ab 21 days ago

Hmmm, it seems to work!
records appear in Table

#6 Updated by Kill Bill 21 days ago

Konstantin Ab wrote:

Hmmm, it seems to work!
records appear in Table

Thanks for testing. Added to this monster commit:

#7 Updated by Renato Botelho 20 days ago

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  • Target version set to 2.4.0
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#8 Updated by Kill Bill 6 days ago

Merged and working, can be closed.

#9 Updated by Renato Botelho 6 days ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

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