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Add filters to various dashboard widgets

Added by Phillip Davis about 2 months ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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Some dashboard widgets can end up with a lot of rows or columns of data to display on bigger systems. It would be nice to let the user choose which entries to display or not display. e.g. If there are lots of interfaces, then the network admin may want to display just the most important ones that they care about.

Widgets that could have a filter:
- Interfaces
- Interface Statistics
- Gateways
- Wake on LAN
- Dynamic DNS
- OpenVPN

Note: The Services Widget has a multi-select box for filtering. It has now changed to a list of checkboxes to select the items to be shown. The UI for other widgets with a filter selection will use the same scheme.


#1 Updated by Phillip Davis about 2 months ago

The following are completed:
Services Widget UI changes:
Interfaces Widget:
Interface Statistics Widget:
Gateways Widget:
Wake on LAN Widget:

I will look at Dynamic DNS and OpenVPN in the next few days.

Usually people do not have many Dynamic DNS entries, but it will be easy to implement the filter, and handy for people who have quite a few or have some testing crud that they do not want to show on the "real day-to-day" dashboard.

My use case for OpenVPN is in a main office that has site-to-site servers for a number of other offices, plus road-warrior server. Some of the sub-offices are "important" and are expected to be online 24/7. Other small or home offices turn their gear off out of hours. So I don't care so much to see if the small offices are up/down on the dashboard. Thus filtering them from the displayed list saves dashboard space, and means that everything on the dashboard is expected to always be up/green.

#2 Updated by Renato Botelho about 1 month ago

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#4 Updated by Phillip Davis about 1 month ago

OpenVPN Widget filtering in PR

#5 Updated by Kill Bill about 1 month ago

@Phil: In case you are bored, could you do one for SMART Status? Did one originally for 2.2.x ( and never got back to it. Still bothered by card readers junk. :D

#7 Updated by Renato Botelho about 1 month ago

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All PRs merged, thanks!

#8 Updated by Phillip Davis 28 days ago

I think that is it. Unless anyone has another favorite, the dashboard widgets can be given a last test and this can be set to resolved.

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