Bug #7149

igb driver queue related crashes

Added by Tobias Wigand 29 days ago. Updated 2 days ago.

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Some 2.4 installations tend to crash out of nowhere related to igb driver queues.


seems to stabilize the systems.
Affected are at least SG 2440 ( and Supermicro C2758 boards (

pfsensedmesg.txt Magnifier (13.6 KB) Philipp Haefelfinger, 01/25/2017 04:45 PM


#1 Updated by Rolf Sommerhalder 28 days ago

On Supermicro SuperServers 5018D-FN8T with X10SDV-TP8F motherboards, that feature six igb and two ix NICs, we experience also random crashes once every one or two days.

So far, we suspected that OpenBGP might trigger these crashes, as we get full feeds via BGP, and inject and update in the order of 700k routes into the kernel routing table.

This morning, we have added this potential work around on three systems. No crashes yet.

We will also cross-check if it also has an effect on the issue with Link Aggregation (LAGG) using igb NICs

#2 Updated by Rolf Sommerhalder 27 days ago

Rolf Sommerhalder wrote:

This morning, we have added this potential work around on three systems. No crashes yet.

Fortunately, no crashes to report since adding the following work-around almost 24 hours ago, based also on this discussion

[2.4.0-BETA][admin@fw]/boot: cat /boot/loader.conf.local 

- By default, hw.igb.num_queues="0" which means that the igb driver configures the number of queues automatically
- The X10SDV-TP8F motherboards has two ix NICs. As the default is hw.ix.num_queues="8", we also restrain it to one queue per ix NIC, as for igb NICs.

Important: Reboot after this change, then verify:

[2.4.0-BETA][admin@fw]/boot: sysctl -a | grep num_queue
vfs.aio.num_queue_count: 0
hw.ix.num_queues: 1
hw.igb.num_queues: 1

Also, you may want to watch interrupt rates, CPU usage per igb0:que, errors, etc.:

 vmstat -i
 top -H -S
 netstat -ni

We will also cross-check if it also has an effect on the issue with Link Aggregation (LAGG) using igb NICs

Unfortunately, this work-around does not solve that issue. Changes to LAGG interfaces still frequently "wedge" the firewall.

#3 Updated by Philipp Haefelfinger 25 days ago

I also can confirm this issue on my box as well.

I have 6 igb (Intel pro 1000) interfaces (4 on the asus mainboard and 2 on an intel 2-port nic).
The box randomly crashed without a trace. In many cases, there were no information what happened and I had to hard reset the box via ipmi.
Reproducing this behavior was easy. I just had to run a speedtest of my wan connection to trigger the crash / hang.
As soon as I added the queues=1 to the loader.conf.local the crash was no longer reproducible.

I submitted the few crash reports I got, so you probably may find a clue in there. You'll get the dmesg output attached below.
If I may help with more information, please let me know.

hope this helps

#4 Updated by Renato Botelho 25 days ago

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#6 Updated by Luiz Otavio O Souza 20 days ago

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This commit fix a few obvious issues in igb:

Please update and test for regressions.

#7 Updated by Tobias Wigand 20 days ago

Updated to the lastest snapshot (Mon Jan 30 22:08:41 CST 2017), set queues to 2 and tried this on a DMZ host for a few minutes:

hping3 -c 100 -d 120 -S -w 64 -p 443 --flood 192.168.xx.10

No crash this time. I'll monitor the system closely and report back should it crash again.

#8 Updated by Tobias Wigand 15 days ago

After completely removing the queues entry in loader.conf.local and more than 5 days uptime, I think this issue is resolved. At least for my Supermicro board.

#9 Updated by Luiz Otavio O Souza 2 days ago

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