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Break up System Widget on the Dashboard

Added by Daniel Subert 19 days ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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The system widget is quite useful, however there is a lot of information in one place (and it is quite tall, so the system health is generally off the bottom of the page). Could you please break it up into several other widgets, maybe the following:

System Information - pfSense/freeBSD OS (contains items about the OS environment)
System Configuration - things that can be changed (ie date/time,dns,config change)
System Health - all the items with counters/progress bars


#1 Updated by Phillip Davis 18 days ago

PR provides a first part of addressing this. It allows the user to choose which rows of data are displayed on the System Information widget. That will cover the case where the user just wants to see a subset of the information, and the length on the screen is then short enough.

The other use case is where the user wants to see all (or most) of the data, but not have it so long that the widget is longer than the screen height. For that some system is needed to be able to break up the widget into parts and put them in different columns.

#2 Updated by Phillip Davis 18 days ago

And I have a feeling that breaking up the System Information widget has been discussed before, so there may be another Redmine feature request somewhere in the system.

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle 18 days ago

It has come up before, at least on the forum, but I don't see an existing ticket for it yet. I agree it would be nice to split it up eventually, it's getting rather large these days.

#4 Updated by Phillip Davis 14 days ago

Stage1 done - PR 3456 has been merged. So users can cut down the amount of content in the existing widget.
Now to think about the best way to provide options to break it up into multiple widgets.

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