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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7421pfSenseBugFeedbackLowUnresolvable port alias is omitted from rule rather than generating an errorJim Pingle03/23/2017 01:30 PM
7420pfSenseBugNewNormalipsec status freezing03/23/2017 04:51 AM
7419pfSenseBugNewNormalCloudFlare DDNS Not working for wildcard updates03/22/2017 04:20 PM
7418pfSenseFeatureNewNormalDynamic dns should be sorted interface name03/22/2017 04:07 PM
7415pfSenseBugNewNormalfavicon is not correctly implementedJared Dillard03/21/2017 09:16 AM
7414pfSenseBugNewNormalsnort needs automated refresh on ip change03/20/2017 02:30 PM
7413pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalstatus_dhcpv6_leases.php: Some DHCPv6 leases are not displayed in the GUI03/20/2017 01:31 PM
7412pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalrtsold will not run on VLAN interfaces03/20/2017 12:25 PM
7411pfSense PackagesTodoNewLowLADVD Devices not wide enough03/20/2017 02:09 PM
7410pfSenseFeatureNewVery LowIPSEC multiple dynamic IP remote clients03/20/2017 06:36 AM
7406pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbility to clear all dhcp leases at once03/19/2017 08:16 PM
7405pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbility to add dhcp host reservations from "Diagnostics -> ARP table"03/17/2017 05:57 AM
7404pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalOpenVPN Client Export with custom DynDNS not working03/17/2017 05:22 AM
7403pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalCaptive Portal + freeradius2 + MySQL problems with German Umlaut03/17/2017 09:12 AM
7402pfSenseBugNewNormalInconsistent use of htmlentities validation checks03/21/2017 08:58 AM
7401pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalcustom_php_deinstall_command isn't being run during pkg post-deinstall because info.xml has already been removed by that step.Jim Pingle03/16/2017 01:20 PM
7400pfSenseBugAssignedNormalTraffic Graphs show bad data on 2.3.3_1Jared Dillard03/16/2017 10:22 AM
7399pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalgetserviceproviders.php - lack of sanity checking in foreach()03/22/2017 07:09 AM
7398pfSenseFeatureAssignedNormalShow average value of bandwidth in/out on Dashboard trafic graphJared Dillard03/15/2017 06:04 PM
7397pfSenseBugNewNormalBackport changes to 2.3Renato Botelho03/15/2017 03:17 PM
7395pfSenseFeatureNewNormalIPv6: Display prefix assigned by ISP03/15/2017 10:44 AM
7394pfSenseBugNewNormalfirewall_aliases_edit.php: Renaming an alias after input errors fails to update references03/15/2017 10:36 AM
7391pfSense PackagesBugNewHigh0.4.36_1 localnet ACL missing03/15/2017 06:07 PM
7390pfSense PackagesBugFeedbackNormalSquidGuardJim Pingle03/16/2017 09:11 AM
7389pfSenseBugNewHighLimiter does not work with transparent proxyLuiz Otavio O Souza03/15/2017 06:10 AM
7388pfSense PackagesBugNewHighSuricata does not property recognize MTU for PPPOE interfaces03/15/2017 05:17 AM
7387pfSenseBugNewLowNew Traffic Graph in dashboard resets inverted view to normal viewJared Dillard03/14/2017 01:57 PM
7386pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalIPv6 not disabled in mpd.conf w/ IPv6 GUI option set to 'disabled'Renato Botelho03/14/2017 01:58 PM
7385pfSenseTodoNewNormalSanitize PHP includes Steve Beaver03/22/2017 12:33 PM
7384pfSenseBugNewHighDHCPv6 doesn't merge IPv6 prefix with the input submitted in DNS servers field when using Track Interface IPv6 configuration parameter for the LAN interface.03/13/2017 02:22 PM
7383pfSenseFeatureFeedbackNormalsystem_certmanager.php?act=new: Add new select option to sign a CSRSteve Beaver03/17/2017 02:27 PM
7382pfSenseBugNewNormalDNS Forwarder does not resolve DNS names on first boot03/23/2017 01:21 AM
7381pfSenseFeatureNewNormalOption to disable alias popups in rules03/13/2017 06:26 AM
7380pfSenseBugNewNormalWAN DHCP Gateway Outside of Subnet Causing Route IssuesRenato Botelho03/17/2017 05:48 PM
7379pfSenseBugNewNormalVirtual IPs/Proxy ARP: Not defined pid file on starting choparp.03/12/2017 03:15 PM
7378pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalpfctl: ix0: driver does not support altqLuiz Otavio O Souza03/16/2017 10:20 AM
7377pfSense PackagesFeatureNewLowACME Certificate DNS-Digitalocean Verification MethodJim Pingle03/14/2017 01:58 PM
7376pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalACME Package - Please add support Namecheap DNS serviceJim Pingle03/14/2017 01:58 PM
7375pfSenseBugAssignedNormalUser with restricted privileges can still delete all monitoring/graphing dataJared Dillard03/10/2017 06:13 PM
7374pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalBarnyard2 package has incomplete install when installed as Suricata depedencyJim Thompson03/10/2017 09:46 AM
7373pfSenseBugNewNormalFirewall schedules GUI needs to be redone from scratch03/09/2017 01:32 PM
7372pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalCannot filter ICMP Type SKIP03/20/2017 11:40 AM
7371pfSenseBugNewHighpfsense load balancer relayd does not load balance dns with udp+tcp03/08/2017 10:45 AM
7369pfSenseFeatureNewNormaluser privileges - refine users rights to prevent admins to tamper with other admins accounts but still manage to the configuration03/08/2017 01:00 AM
7367pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalWizard for SquidSteve Beaver03/14/2017 01:59 PM
7365pfSenseFeatureNewLowPass firewall/filter rule set through logging for centralized loggers to key on03/07/2017 10:44 AM
7362pfSenseFeatureNewLowAdd the default values of the TCP and UDP Timeouts on the WebUI depending on the "Firewall Optimization Options"03/07/2017 06:32 AM
7361pfSenseFeatureNewLow2.3.4 - Add possibility to modify UDP (First, Single, Multiple) and TCP Timeouts per rule and not only per global parameter03/07/2017 06:28 AM
7359pfSenseBugNewLowStatus/OpenVPN Page Sorts Incorrectly03/06/2017 01:45 PM
7353pfSenseFeatureNewNormalOpenvpn Logins page03/06/2017 07:59 AM
7352pfSenseBugNewNormalpfSense IPv6 static route is dumped after a WAN flap03/08/2017 09:39 AM
7350pfSenseFeatureNewNormalUnbound host/domain override needs better IPv4/IPv6 handling?03/05/2017 06:29 AM
7347pfSenseBugNewNormalConfig Sync - Breaks on null valueSteve Beaver03/15/2017 06:26 PM
7345pfSenseBugNewNormalnanobsd upgrades still fail bacause of lacking resolv.conf03/15/2017 06:05 AM
7341pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalNew certificates fail with nsupdate on the first tryJim Pingle03/14/2017 02:00 PM
7340pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalAcme Client nsupdate interface forces a different key-ID for every domainJim Pingle03/08/2017 02:08 PM
7334pfSenseBugAssignedHighSG-1000 Update failureRenato Botelho03/11/2017 07:16 AM
7332pfSenseFeatureNewNormalProvide certificate expiry warning02/28/2017 04:16 PM
7329pfSenseBugNewLowDHCP Not Updating DNS02/28/2017 09:33 AM
7326pfSenseBugNewNormalUnbound fails to start during rc.wanipchange when using large enough dns listsJim Pingle03/16/2017 02:13 AM
7325pfSenseBugNewNormalIPsec VPN Phase2 assigned with idem reqid routing a other VPN Phase2Luiz Otavio O Souza02/28/2017 11:57 AM
7324pfSenseBugNewNormalDHCPv6 Dynamic DNS hostname02/27/2017 03:39 AM
7321pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalDynDNS - Add DreamHost DNS supportRenato Botelho03/14/2017 03:36 PM
7318pfSenseFeatureNewNormalDashboard widget filters - provide a "None" optionPhillip Davis03/20/2017 10:10 PM
7316pfSenseBugFeedbackLowFail Boostrap format port inSteve Beaver03/15/2017 09:30 AM
7314pfSenseBugNewLowDiscrepancy in ntp monitoring view02/24/2017 08:37 PM
7313pfSenseBugNewNormalCrazy behviour of Virtual IP 02/24/2017 03:04 PM
7312pfSenseBugAssignedNormalTrafic Graph Widget BugJared Dillard02/24/2017 01:08 PM
7310pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalSnort installed but missing - upgrading to 2.4Renato Botelho03/19/2017 10:46 AM
7309pfSenseBugNewNormalZFS - Can't find zroot, error 5Renato Botelho02/28/2017 02:41 PM
7308pfSenseBugNewNormalZFS installer - check storage capabilitiesRenato Botelho02/28/2017 02:42 PM
7307pfSenseBugNewNormalZFS installer - shuts down instead of rebootingRenato Botelho02/28/2017 02:42 PM
7305pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalwidget "squid antivirus status"03/07/2017 07:03 AM
7304pfSenseFeatureNewNormalDHCP: Enable OMAPI Config02/23/2017 03:40 AM
7303pfSenseBugNewNormalipv6 connectivity lost on pfSense reboot02/23/2017 03:16 AM
7298pfSenseBugNewNormalIPv6 on a second interface doesn't work until the router is pinged02/22/2017 12:46 PM
7295pfSenseBugNewLowRFC2136 not updating at boot timeRenato Botelho02/28/2017 02:45 PM
7294pfSenseBugNewNormalLenght of description of firewall rulesRenato Botelho03/02/2017 01:53 PM
7293pfSense PackagesBugNewNormaldns/bind911 requires TCP_RFC7413 in kernelRenato Botelho02/22/2017 02:30 AM
7292pfSenseFeatureNewNormalDynamicDNS configuration does not sync to HA secondary02/21/2017 04:56 PM
7289pfSense PackagesBugNewLowGenerating 4096bit CertificateSteve Beaver03/14/2017 02:02 PM
7287pfSenseFeatureNewNormalNTP add support for ACTS ref clock02/20/2017 08:42 PM
7286pfSenseBugNewNormalOpenVPN client is unreliable when you have multiple tunnels02/20/2017 05:58 PM
7284pfSenseFeatureNewNormalNTPd Autoset GPS device baud rate02/19/2017 01:26 PM
7281pfSenseFeatureNewNormalOpenVPN: Add support for IPv6 dynamic prefix selection02/19/2017 07:50 AM
7278pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalSuricata Service - Advanced Configuration Pass-Through not working 02/20/2017 10:27 PM
7275pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalAdd help text for DNS Made EasyJeremy Nelson02/18/2017 09:25 AM
7272pfSenseBugNewNormal6rd not functioning on 2.4.0-BETARenato Botelho03/03/2017 07:57 PM
7271pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalCo-existence of unbound and BIND/namedJim Pingle03/02/2017 03:34 PM
7268pfSenseBugNewNormalSystem Info Widget "All" button does not work with "Disable the automatic dashboard auto-update check"Phillip Davis02/17/2017 02:35 AM
7267pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalStatus Traffic Totals - Stacked Bar - Scale not high enoughJared Dillard02/17/2017 12:40 PM
7263pfSense PackagesBugFeedbackNormalFreeRADIUS - complete lack of input validationKill Bill03/16/2017 07:33 AM
7260pfSenseFeatureNewNormalSource OS / p0f Database Missing Modern Operating Systems02/17/2017 12:41 PM
7256pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalsyslogd is not running after installing or uninstalling a package with logging (e.g. tinc, haproxy)Renato Botelho03/07/2017 12:35 PM
7255pfSenseBugNewNormalFirewall alias FQDN field rejects IDNs (Internationalized domain names)02/12/2017 02:54 PM
7254pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalSelection from long tab list that uses dropdown does not POST correctlySteve Beaver02/20/2017 07:42 AM
7249pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalfirewall_rules.php & firewall_nat.php: Replaces underscores with spaces in aliase namesZetto Null03/12/2017 01:23 PM
7248pfSenseFeatureNewNormalWeb UI for IPSec settings should warn about poor security choicesJim Pingle02/17/2017 12:34 PM
7247pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalUpdate net/ntopng to 2.4.2017.01.2002/10/2017 11:33 AM
7244pfSenseFeatureNewNormalPublish pfsense as a Vagrant Basebox02/10/2017 12:35 AM
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