Bug #12538


PIMD sub-interface bug

Added by Joe Janning over 2 years ago.

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I am running into a bug with PIMD. Running latest stable 2.5.2 virtual pfsense in ESXi.

I have two pfsense boxes in HA, each has 8x physical interfaces and each physical interface has one or more sub-interfaces. To keep things simple, physical interfaces are vmx0 - vmx7, sub-interfaces are vmx0.10, vmx1.11, vmx2.12, etc (everything is identical on both boxes). I am NOT using CARP, instead using BGP to control traffic prioritization through primary/backup node. vmx0.10 is WAN, all other sub-interfaces are different LAN segments, of which vmx1.11, vmx2.12, vmx4.14 run multicast with different Cisco switches, one of these switches acts as the RP.

In this setup, vmx4.14 does NOT send any multicast/PIM data to the switch. Ports vmx1.11 and vmx.12 peer fine, learn all the mroute information etc. If I convert the vmx4.14 sub-interface to just uses the physical interface vmx4 and configure my vswitch for this port to be vlan14 instead of a trunk, PIM then works fine.

I confirmed this can't be a vlan configuration issue on my end because in the trunk/vmx4.14 setup the BGP peering between pfsense and the switch over this interface works fine and unicast user traffic over this interfaces works fine. Additionally when its trunked, I can see PIM messages coming into pfsense from the switch but the switch doesn't see any PIM messages from pfsense. Both pfsense boxes exhibit identical behavior. vmx1.11 and vmx2.12 work fine with PIM but vmx4.14 on both fails. I tried reinstalling packages, reboots, manually adding the interface to the config file but nothing seems to work except removing the sub-interface and using the physical.

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