Bug #4467


Traffic Graphs shows wrong throughput when traffic shaping enabled

Added by Joe Laffey about 8 years ago.

Traffic Shaper (ALTQ)
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When I enable traffic shaping with the wizard the traffic graph is incorrect. It is showing much lower throughput than is actually occurring. I am testing this by remotely downloading a file from a local HTTP server on the DMZ. The traffic graph for the DMZ is correct, but the WAN outbound is showing about 1/3 or so of the actual throughput. The same holds true if I make an outbound connection and upload a file, for instance.

Otherwise the shaping seems to be working OK. We have dual WAN and three LAN (LAN, DMZ, WIFI - which is handled by its own wifi router, not a wifi card in the pfsense machine).

I tried both HFSC and Priority queuing on all interfaces.

The throughput of individual hosts/ips shows up correctly on the traffic graph page. It is just the total throughput of the WAN interface that is being displayed incorrectly it is incorrect both on the dedicated traffic graph page, and in the widget version of the traffic graph on the default page (assuming you enable the traffic graph widget). On the Traffic Graph page you can see that the total of all the ips traffic adds up to more than the reported total value.

The SNMP output for the WAN interface is also wrong (which is the most annoying part as I have this in my shell's screen hard status line, and reference it constantly.)

The rrd graphs seem to indicate the correct throughput.

The WAN2 interface, and the LAN, DMZ, and WIFI interfaces all display the correct throughput.

No clue it is makes a difference, but the WAN interface is the second interface (if2 via SNMP). It goes LAN, WAN, DMZ, WIFI, WAN2 in order.

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