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Openvpn Logins page

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i would like to monitor per user when he/she connected/disconnected.

in Pfsense 2.1.5 we used the PPTP Logins page. (/diag_logs_vpn.php)

this would shows something like this:

Mar 2 14:17:19 [logout] test
Mar 2 14:14:20 [login] test
Feb 16 11:38:47 [logout] test
Feb 16 11:35:55 [login] test

so with a cron i pulled in this data and made a web UI so i could see the total time connected for eatch user and a log of when he/she connected/disconnected this worked perfect for us.

but for openvpn there is no logins log page. there is only the status_logs.php?logfile=openvpn page.

these Logs are pretty hard to proces since it shows data in this format.

Mar 6 09:49:59 openvpn 19520 [test] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]
Mar 6 09:50:01 openvpn 19520 test/ send_push_reply(): safe_cap=940
Mar 6 09:55:25 openvpn 19520 test/ [test] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting.

Would it be possible to make an Openvpn logins page?

Or to make a pfsense package that just saves all connect/disconnect times/date And a totaltime connect per user?

is there a package maby for pfsense i could install to show me the connected/disconnect time and total time?

Thanks in advance


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On 2.5.0 there is a dedicated authentication log, which you could filter for OpenVPN and see most of what you are after.

Beyond that, if you want that level of detail what you should really be doing is using an external RADIUS server that keeps more detailed accounting records which can be used to generate reports however you like. A dedicated server off the firewall is more suited to long-term information retention of this nature.

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