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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
11290 pfSense Packages Bug FRR New Normal FRR Service not following CARP Status IP Jim Pingle 01/23/2021 09:15 PM
11301 pfSense Packages Feature FRR New Normal Switch FRR to use default rc file as a service control base Jim Pingle 01/23/2021 09:20 AM
11271 pfSense Packages Bug FRR New Normal Setting default-originate in FRR/BGP Silently Appends a route-map Jim Pingle 01/22/2021 03:17 PM
10919 pfSense Bug OpenVPN In Progress Normal Improve handling of OpenVPN data cipher negotiation options Jim Pingle 01/22/2021 01:02 PM
11289 pfSense Bug WireGuard Feedback Normal Wireguard: Automatic outbound NAT rules are applied to the WG interface Jim Pingle 01/22/2021 11:50 AM
11286 pfSense Bug WireGuard Feedback Normal Endpoint port is mandatory if Endpoint is defined Jim Pingle 01/22/2021 10:00 AM
11280 pfSense Todo WireGuard New Normal Add WireGuard to ALTQ list Jim Pingle 01/22/2021 07:28 AM
11279 pfSense Bug WireGuard Feedback Normal Typo in WireGuard Configuration Jim Pingle 01/21/2021 03:40 PM
11262 pfSense Feature Rules / NAT New Normal Time Based Rules - selects all days in the current month Jim Pingle 01/21/2021 01:15 AM
10789 pfSense Packages Feature FRR Feedback Normal FRR integrated configuration and hitless reloads Jim Pingle 01/20/2021 11:16 PM
11258 pfSense Docs Correction Installation / Upgrades New Normal Feedback on Installing and Upgrading — Prepare Installation Media — Prepare a USB Memstick Jim Pingle 01/18/2021 02:54 PM
11244 pfSense Docs Correction Packages New Normal Feedback on Packages — Nut package Jim Pingle 01/15/2021 12:23 PM
11245 pfSense Docs Correction IPsec New Normal Feedback on Virtual Private Networks — IPsec — IPsec Configuration Jim Pingle 01/13/2021 11:10 PM
11241 pfSense Docs Correction Backup / Restore New Normal Feedback on Backup and Recovery — Restoring from Backups Jim Pingle 01/11/2021 12:55 PM
11219 pfSense Todo IPsec Feedback Normal Improve IPsec GUI options for P1/P2 reauth/rekey Jim Pingle 01/11/2021 08:06 AM
7727 pfSense Feature uPNP Feedback Normal uPnP fails to properly give out subsequent reservations when multiple gaming systems are playing the same game/using the same port. Jim Pingle 01/09/2021 05:32 PM
11238 pfSense Docs New Content Interfaces New Normal LAGG (Link Aggregation) Jim Pingle 01/09/2021 07:34 AM
11206 pfSense Packages Feature FRR Pull Request Review Normal FRR 7.5 Jim Pingle 01/08/2021 12:47 PM
7271 pfSense Packages Bug BIND Feedback Normal Co-existence of unbound and BIND/named Jim Pingle 01/08/2021 06:46 AM
11221 pfSense Docs Correction OpenVPN New Normal Feedback on pfSense Configuration Recipes — Routing Internet Traffic Through A Site-To-Site OpenVPN Tunnel Jim Pingle 01/06/2021 09:54 AM
11223 pfSense Docs Correction Products New Normal Azure Marketplace links are invalid Jim Pingle 01/05/2021 01:13 PM
11204 pfSense Packages Bug NET-SNMP Pull Request Review Normal Fix net-snmp logging to syslog Jim Pingle 01/05/2021 09:21 AM
11217 pfSense Packages Bug OpenVPN Client Export Feedback Normal tun-ipv6 is depracated on OpenVPN 2.4 Jim Pingle 01/04/2021 09:34 AM
10176 pfSense Bug IPsec Feedback Normal Multiple duplicate / overlapping phase 2 Child SAs on IPsec tunnels Jim Pingle 12/30/2020 03:35 PM
11195 pfSense Docs Correction Recipes New Normal Feedback on pfSense Configuration Recipes — Accessing a CPE/Modem from Inside the Firewall Jim Pingle 12/30/2020 01:13 PM
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