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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7366 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT Rejected Very Low 2.3.4: Connections (States) with proto "icmp" show a source and a destination port 03/07/2017 12:04 PM
7363 pfSense Packages Bug Duplicate Normal pfsense 2.3.4 - Tinc Package - Interface still visible after uninstallation of package. 03/07/2017 06:58 AM
7362 pfSense Feature Rules / NAT Resolved Low Add the default values of the TCP and UDP Timeouts on the WebUI depending on the "Firewall Optimization Options" Renato Botelho 05/01/2020 09:43 AM
7361 pfSense Feature Rules / NAT Duplicate Low 2.3.4 - Add possibility to modify UDP (First, Single, Multiple) and TCP Timeouts per rule and not only per global parameter 03/17/2020 03:52 AM
7356 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT Resolved Normal pfsense 2.3.4: TCP State Timeout cannot be higher than 3600s within a rule - global configuration allows higher values Jim Pingle 03/08/2017 12:10 PM
6593 pfSense Packages Feature Resolved Normal squid: allow user to configure DH key size, SINGLE_DH_USE, NO-SSLv3, Cipher-Suites - performance improvement hint Renato Botelho 01/13/2017 12:14 PM
6592 pfSense Packages Bug Resolved Normal squid does NOT use EDH and EECDH cipher suites because "tls-dh" is not configured and so these ciphers are silently dropped - see squid documentation Renato Botelho 01/13/2017 12:14 PM
2545 pfSense Feature Captive Portal New Low CaptivePortal: Custom "Re-authenticate every x minutes" 07/08/2012 05:21 PM
2198 pfSense Packages Bug Rejected Normal OpenVPN Client Export Utility - When VPN Server mode is SSL/TLS + User Auth no certs to export 02/12/2012 10:40 AM
2164 pfSense Bug Captive Portal Resolved Normal Captive Portal - RADIUS - Acct-Session-Time does not reset when "stop/start accounting" is enabled Jim Pingle 02/04/2016 03:12 PM
2155 pfSense Bug Captive Portal Resolved Normal CP sends voucher as username to RADIUS when "re-auth every minute enabled" Jim Pingle 11/30/2015 07:33 AM
2147 pfSense Feature Certificates Resolved Normal Cert Manager - additional download button for .p12 07/05/2012 06:27 PM
2143 pfSense Feature Captive Portal Resolved Normal Captive Portal - RADIUS - attribute: Acct-Terminate-Cause 07/18/2018 07:14 AM

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