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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
10177 pfSense Bug OpenVPN Not a Bug Normal OpenVPN Server Compression option missing (No compression) 01/11/2020 08:51 AM
7962 pfSense Feature Hardware / Drivers Resolved Normal Support for Intel 553 network card 08/20/2019 08:39 AM
6867 pfSense Packages Bug Quagga OSPF Closed Normal Please update quagga to version 1.1 Jim Pingle 11/07/2016 08:20 AM
4996 pfSense Packages Bug Quagga OSPF Closed Normal Quagga not coming up after pfSense restart on OpenVPN tunnels 08/16/2019 01:31 PM
4995 pfSense Bug Duplicate Normal OpenVPN bound to gateway group using CARP IP doesn't stop with CARP backup status 09/15/2015 12:39 AM
4802 pfSense Bug OpenVPN Duplicate Normal OpenVPN Client wont start after reboot, when set to a Gateway Group specifing a VIP 06/29/2015 01:55 PM
4792 pfSense Bug IPsec Resolved High IPSec ASN.1 DN needs double quotes in config file Renato Botelho 07/22/2015 03:16 PM
4776 pfSense Feature Wireless New Normal Add 802.1x dynamic vlan support 06/19/2015 11:16 AM
4632 pfSense Feature Operating System New Normal Support for Multipath TCP (MPTCP) Jim Thompson 02/19/2020 05:09 AM
4474 pfSense Bug Package System Confirmed Normal IP address change triggers reload of all packages 02/13/2017 07:21 AM
3554 pfSense Bug Gateway Monitoring Closed Normal apinger and OpenVPN: Gateway down after OpenVPN client service restart 10/25/2014 03:27 PM

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