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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
9274 pfSense Feature Captive Portal Resolved Normal CP - trim() username post_value Renato Botelho 06/01/2019 05:27 PM
7613 pfSense Packages Bug Quagga OSPF Closed Normal quagga not starting after upgrade - initial boot 11/14/2017 03:44 PM
6305 pfSense Packages Bug Quagga OSPF Closed Normal Quagga problems updating routes / mistakenly showing "kernel"-routes while they are not 08/13/2019 09:03 AM
6175 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT Resolved Normal firewall_rules_edit possible php warning - floating rules when input error jeroen van breedam 04/25/2016 11:27 PM
6118 pfSense Bug Package System Resolved Normal Packages renamed for 2.3 are not handled well, removed rather than installing using the new name Chris Buechler 05/12/2016 10:35 PM
6044 pfSense Bug RRD Graphs Resolved Normal system>monitoring tooltip unit "null" for some graphs Jared Dillard 07/12/2016 01:17 PM
5871 pfSense Feature Resolved Normal Multiple SPAN ports on bridge Luiz Souza 02/17/2016 02:58 PM
5687 pfSense Feature Rejected Normal system_patches add possibility to add pull-request Jim Pingle 12/23/2015 02:39 PM
5615 pfSense Bug Web Interface Resolved Very Low hover/popover-popup goes away when you move mousepointer towards the popup (=away from original target button/icon/a) Jared Dillard 03/02/2016 01:44 PM
5609 pfSense Bug Web Interface Closed Normal jquery inside widgets need to be added manually jeroen van breedam 02/02/2016 10:43 PM
5591 pfSense Bug Closed Normal firewall_rules.php error on url-table-alias (hover-over) 12/11/2015 12:42 PM
5516 pfSense Bug Web Interface Resolved Normal Redirect after update firmware fails if pfSense not online after 90seconds --> browser time-out Steve Beaver 12/01/2015 09:30 PM
5387 pfSense Feature RRD Graphs Resolved Normal dhcp server RRD graph Renato Botelho 11/25/2015 05:06 PM
5239 pfSense Packages Bug Quagga OSPF Closed Normal Quagga webgui on 2.3-alpha errors on addInput() Steve Beaver 10/26/2015 09:10 AM
5229 Bootstrap Bug Resolved Normal Mac address missing status_interfaces 10/02/2015 10:43 AM
5186 pfSense Feature DHCP Server Resolved Normal dhcp lease counter on status_dhcp_leases.php Chris Buechler 11/10/2015 02:47 PM

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