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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
9245 pfSense Todo New Normal Update copyright notices to 2019 Steve Beaver 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
8947 pfSense Feature Resolved Normal Cron based ACB option Steve Beaver 10/03/2018 09:07 AM
8725 pfSense Bug Not a Bug Normal Packages not uninstalled when removed from package repo Renato Botelho 08/07/2018 09:30 AM
8504 pfSense Bug Closed High Default gateway missing after upgrade Jim Pingle 06/07/2018 09:09 AM
8371 pfSense Feature Resolved Normal Reduce config.xml size by removing picture widget images to file system Steve Beaver 03/26/2018 10:20 AM
8322 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal PPP UI error Steve Beaver 02/15/2018 01:20 PM
8268 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal RAMdisk warning pop-up appears when no changes have been made Steve Beaver 02/15/2018 01:50 PM
8266 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Bogus error message occurs on killing OPenVPN connection Steve Beaver 03/08/2018 02:51 PM
8035 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Installed packages widget does not show updates Steve Beaver 11/09/2017 08:15 AM
7877 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Crash when enabling traffic shaper on more than 1 port Luiz Souza 09/26/2017 08:51 AM
7811 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Installed pacakges dashboard widget breaks if no packages are installed Steve Beaver 08/24/2017 03:12 PM
7397 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Backport changes to 2.3 Renato Botelho 05/03/2017 07:15 AM
7383 pfSense Feature Closed Normal system_certmanager.php?act=new: Add new select option to sign a CSR Steve Beaver 07/06/2017 12:51 PM
7334 pfSense Bug Resolved High SG-1000 Update failure Renato Botelho 05/05/2017 06:55 AM
7196 pfSense Feature Resolved Normal setHelp method should use more conventiol argument syntax Steve Beaver 02/02/2017 11:33 AM
7155 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal services_dhcp_relay.php: Section hide/show gets out of synch with enable checkbox Steve Beaver 01/23/2017 11:14 AM
7026 pfSense Bug Resolved High parse_firewall_log_line(): Filter logs do not display Luiz Souza 12/22/2016 05:14 PM
7011 pfSense Feature Resolved Normal Retain vendor MAC address at power up Renato Botelho 05/03/2017 10:17 AM
6958 pfSense Bug Resolved Very Low services_dhcp_relay.php: Needs to be converted to more recent rowhelper standard Steve Beaver 02/20/2017 07:52 AM
6901 pfSense Bug Resolved Low services_unbound_host_edit.php: "Delete" button should be suppressed if < 2 host aliases listed Steve Beaver 11/17/2016 08:42 AM
6895 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Moving rules does not scroll Steve Beaver 02/10/2017 10:33 AM
6723 pfSense Feature Resolved Low Make OpenVPN widget update dynamically Steve Beaver 08/22/2016 10:28 AM
6716 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal services_unbound_acls: Network "Delete" button is not hidden if only on network listed Steve Beaver 08/15/2016 02:03 PM
6669 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal index.php: Adding a new widget corrupts the settings for existing widgets Steve Beaver 08/08/2016 09:12 AM
6577 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal pkg_edit.php: rowhelper data not preserved on validation error Steve Beaver 07/09/2016 01:18 AM
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