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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8771 pfSense Bug Not a Bug Normal OpenVPN "custom options" box in GUI loses CR/LF (linefeeds) on save/reload meaning that OpenVPN then fails to start 08/08/2018 11:15 AM
8277 pfSense Packages Bug ntop Resolved Normal ntopng service fails to start on 2.4.3 Renato Botelho 04/16/2018 12:42 PM
8241 pfSense Packages Todo ntop Rejected Normal Update ntopng to 3.2.2017.12.06 12/28/2017 08:06 AM
7543 pfSense Packages Bug Rejected Normal pfBlockerNG doesn't appear to pull IP block lists that are marked as "OFF" if previously they were enabled 05/12/2017 06:46 AM
7283 pfSense Packages Bug Duplicate Normal Update ntopng to 2.4.2017.01.20 02/19/2017 01:19 PM
6480 pfSense Packages Feature pfBlockerNG Closed Normal pfBlockerNG - add ability to force download of a list 12/12/2016 04:19 AM
6443 pfSense Packages Todo ntop Resolved Normal Add ntopng package back into pfSense 2.3.x Renato Botelho 07/20/2016 10:44 AM
6356 pfSense Packages Bug Snort Resolved Normal Snort - missing protocol in port scan detection 12/19/2016 06:37 PM
6246 pfSense Packages Bug pfBlockerNG Resolved Normal pfBlockerNG - filter rule error if all entries in a block list de-dupe out 07/07/2016 01:12 AM
6204 pfSense Packages Feature ntop Duplicate Normal Integrate ntopng with pfSense - assistance required by ntopng developer 07/15/2016 05:50 PM
6116 pfSense Packages Bug pfBlockerNG Resolved Normal pfBlockerNG doesn't automatically update after firmware upgrade, meaning that unbound doesn't start and users don't have internet connection Chris Buechler 06/02/2016 05:24 PM
6085 pfSense Packages Bug Snort Resolved Very Low Typo Chris Buechler 04/18/2016 03:52 PM
6084 pfSense Packages Bug Snort Resolved Normal Snort custom rule page does not update on apply Chris Buechler 07/06/2016 12:51 AM
5415 pfSense Bug Web Interface Resolved Normal pfSense attempts to display aliases on mouse over, which hangs the UI if there are significant numbers of IP addresses 02/06/2016 04:45 AM
4707 pfSense Feature Rules / NAT New Normal Can't override block port 0 rules in 08/13/2019 12:53 PM
4673 pfSense Bug Not a Bug Normal Can't override rules in from the GUI 05/16/2015 09:49 AM
4672 pfSense Todo IGMP Proxy Resolved Normal Update igmpproxy to latest version Renato Botelho 04/05/2016 03:50 AM

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