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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8223 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Cannot delete vlan, I get redirected to an empty page 12/20/2017 07:12 AM
8222 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal When trying to add another OPT interface, it's replacing the last existing one 12/20/2017 07:11 AM
7981 pfSense Bug Resolved Very High PPP interfaces with a VLAN parent do not work with new VLAN names Luiz Souza 11/06/2017 06:35 PM
7537 pfSense Feature New Normal Include mellanox mlx4 and mlx5 ethernet driver 08/01/2017 10:32 PM
7134 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal Crash in the gui related to widget 02/10/2017 10:28 AM
7040 pfSense Bug New Normal Issue when disabling an interface 12/26/2016 02:56 AM
6176 pfSense Packages Feature New Normal Privilege for OpenVPN Client Export 12/06/2016 10:05 AM
6127 pfSense Packages Bug Needs Patch Normal RRD Summary port: Status page shows OPT1, OPT2, etc ... instead of the interface name 04/13/2016 08:10 AM
6121 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal enabling "Use memory file system for /tmp and /var" and then save force a reboot right away Alexandre Paradis 06/15/2016 02:20 PM
5484 pfSense Bug Resolved Low diag_routes.php not displaying the full interface name Renato Botelho 12/01/2015 07:40 PM
4339 pfSense Bug Resolved Normal RAM Disk Setting minimum ram error Chris Buechler 01/29/2015 03:05 AM
2611 pfSense Bug Closed Normal all gateway not present when editing existing rule. 08/12/2014 05:03 PM
2608 pfSense Packages Bug Resolved Very Low typo in pfblocker text 11/26/2012 07:21 PM
1820 pfSense Packages Bug Closed Normal widescreen package doens't show ipv6 link 09/04/2013 11:05 AM
1812 pfSense Bug Rejected Normal bug for ipv6 dhcpv6 & dhcpv6 lease shortcut 07/27/2015 11:14 PM
1801 pfSense Feature Rejected Normal Intermediate SSL certs box 07/06/2017 02:10 PM
1236 pfSense Packages Bug Closed Normal Anyterm package doesn't start after upgrade 11/27/2014 02:50 PM
1133 pfSense Bug Rejected Normal Static DHCP lease showing offline 12/25/2010 03:43 PM
1132 pfSense Bug Closed Normal bogons table not kept after upgrade 12/25/2010 04:06 PM

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