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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
9909 pfSense Feature Authentication New Normal Add option to (dis)allow unauthenticated LDAP binds 11/16/2019 02:54 PM
9908 pfSense Bug Traffic Shaper (ALTQ) New Normal hn0: driver does not support altq 11/16/2019 12:56 PM
9907 pfSense Feature DNS Resolver New Normal do not show incompatible ECDSA certs for DNS Resolver 11/16/2019 08:41 AM
9906 pfSense Packages Feature FreeRADIUS New Normal show ECDSA CAs and certs only with correct curves 11/16/2019 03:05 AM
9905 pfSense Feature Packet Capture New Normal ospf / ospv3 packet capture 11/16/2019 12:40 AM
9902 pfSense Packages Feature Suricata New Normal add sticky filter for Alert Log please 11/15/2019 12:00 PM
9901 pfSense Packages Feature Squid Pull Request Review Normal show ECDSA CAs only with correct curves 11/15/2019 07:22 AM
9895 pfSense Packages Bug Snort New Normal snort reinstallation failed 11/14/2019 12:16 AM
9891 pfSense Feature FreeBSD New Normal QLogic 10 Gigabit Ethernet driver (qlxgb) 11/10/2019 07:37 AM
9887 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT New Normal Rule separator positions change when deleting multiple rules 11/07/2019 09:49 AM
9884 pfSense Feature OpenVPN New Normal Add support for OpenVPN --x509-username-field 11/05/2019 07:54 AM
9880 pfSense Packages Todo Zabbix Pull Request Review Normal Remove Zabbix 2.2 Packages 11/03/2019 05:16 PM
9878 pfSense Feature IPsec Pull Request Review Normal IPsec PKCS#11 authentication 11/03/2019 09:26 AM
9877 pfSense Packages Feature New Package Request New Normal QEMU Guest Agent 11/02/2019 08:52 AM
9876 pfSense Feature Operating System New Normal PFsense on KVM: Web interface hint to disable "Hardware Checksum Offloading" 11/02/2019 08:52 AM
9874 pfSense Packages Feature pfBlockerNG New Normal safesearch enforcing 11/10/2019 03:26 AM
9873 pfSense Bug Upgrade New Normal Switching the System Update to Development renders the system unbootable 11/01/2019 06:51 PM
9862 pfSense Feature Diagnostics Pull Request Review Normal Add support for waiting between ping-packages on diag_ping.php 10/30/2019 10:35 AM
9857 pfSense Feature IPsec New Normal IPsec Down/Up SMTP Notifications 10/29/2019 02:07 AM
9855 pfSense Bug Web Interface New Very Low CSRF error at login when clicking the 'sign in' button multiple times 10/28/2019 07:44 AM
9854 pfSense Packages Bug pfBlockerNG New Normal pfBlockerNG Message: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted 10/28/2019 05:13 AM
9852 pfSense Packages Feature Suricata New Normal show File-Store directory listing 10/27/2019 09:37 AM
9849 pfSense Packages Bug Nut New Normal NUT not starting as root? Isn't loading USB drivers? 10/27/2019 10:50 AM
9848 pfSense Packages Feature Suricata New Normal file-store retention limits 10/26/2019 04:55 PM
9838 pfSense Feature OpenVPN New Normal PKCS11 support 10/20/2019 02:12 PM
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