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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
11904 pfSense Bug IGMP Proxy Feedback Normal IGMP Proxy restarts unnecessarily after IPv6 gateway events 05/12/2021 02:27 PM
11082 pfSense Bug XMLRPC Feedback Normal XMLRPC synchronization restarts all OpenVPN instances on the secondary node when making any change on the primary node Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:25 PM
11840 pfSense Bug Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal Dynamic DNS edit page hides username field for Digital Ocean 05/12/2021 02:22 PM
11815 pfSense Bug Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal Dynamic DNS update failure is not detected properly 05/12/2021 02:21 PM
11754 pfSense Bug Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal Digital Ocean Dynamic DNS help text is incorrect 05/12/2021 02:21 PM
11667 pfSense Bug Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal Automatic 25-day forced Dynamic DNS update removes wildcard domain Renato Botelho 05/12/2021 02:20 PM
11420 pfSense Feature Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal New Dynamic DNS Provider: Gandi LiveDNS IPv6 Renato Botelho 05/12/2021 02:11 PM
11819 pfSense Regression Diagnostics Feedback Normal MAC address OEM information missing from ARP table Jim Pingle 05/12/2021 02:08 PM
11769 pfSense Bug Diagnostics Feedback Normal Sanitize Captive Portal RADIUS MAC secret in status output 05/12/2021 02:08 PM
11767 pfSense Bug Diagnostics Feedback Normal Sanitize OpenVPN Client Export certificate password in status output 05/12/2021 02:07 PM
11883 pfSense Bug DHCP (IPv6) Feedback Normal ```` does not get executed when advanced options are set 05/12/2021 02:07 PM
11787 pfSense Regression Dashboard Feedback Normal Thermal sensors widget no longer shows values from certain hardware 05/12/2021 02:06 PM
11914 pfSense Todo Console Menu Feedback Normal Allow reroot on ZFS from console and GUI reboot menu entries Jim Pingle 05/12/2021 02:03 PM
11609 pfSense Bug Console Menu Feedback Normal CLI configuration without IPv6 leaves RA enabled Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:02 PM
11801 pfSense Bug Configuration Upgrade Feedback Normal PHP error in ``upgrade_212_to_213()`` when upgrading certain IPsec tunnels Jim Pingle 05/12/2021 02:02 PM
11793 pfSense Bug CARP Feedback Normal OpenVPN client starts in CARP Backup status when bound to Virtual IP aliased to CARP VIP 05/12/2021 02:01 PM
11264 pfSense Feature Captive Portal Feedback Normal Redirect Captive Portal users to login page after they logout Renato Botelho 05/12/2021 01:59 PM
11748 pfSense Bug Backup / Restore Feedback Normal Automated corruption recovery from cached ``config.xml`` backup files should check multiple backups 05/12/2021 01:58 PM
10811 pfSense Feature Backup / Restore Feedback Normal Randomize time of scheduled AutoConfigBackup runs Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 01:56 PM
11316 pfSense Regression DNS Resolver In Progress Normal Unbound crashing with signal 11 Renato Botelho 05/12/2021 12:57 PM
11775 pfSense Plus Bug Web Interface New Normal State counters not updating and always show 0/0 since last few updates 05/12/2021 10:05 AM
11470 pfSense Regression Traffic Shaper (ALTQ) New Normal Panic when using CBQ traffic shaping 05/12/2021 08:44 AM
11550 pfSense Regression Traffic Shaper (ALTQ) New Normal Segmentation fault when loading ALTQ traffic shaping rules using FAIRQ 05/12/2021 08:44 AM
11913 pfSense Bug IPv6 Router Advertisements (RADVD) Feedback Normal RADVD breaks on SIGHUP Kristof Provost 05/12/2021 08:15 AM
11912 pfSense Bug IPsec Feedback Normal IPsec GUI allows creating multiple identical Phase 1 entries when using FQDN for remote gateway Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 08:11 AM
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