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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
11910 pfSense Bug IPsec New Normal IPsec status tunnel descriptions are incorrect Renato Botelho 05/12/2021 08:00 AM
9887 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT Feedback Low Rule separator positions change when deleting multiple rules Steve Beaver 05/12/2021 07:42 AM
11402 pfSense Feature Operating System Feedback Normal Xen console support Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 07:34 AM
11447 pfSense Regression IPsec Feedback Normal EAP-RADIUS Mobile IPsec clients with RADIUS-assigned addresses do not get additional configuration attributes Jim Pingle 05/12/2021 07:32 AM
11524 pfSense Regression Hardware / Drivers Feedback Very High Using SHA1 or SHA256 with AES-NI may fail if AES-NI attempts to accelerate hashing Mark Johnston 05/12/2021 07:30 AM
11539 pfSense Bug IPsec Feedback Normal Mobile IPsec "split_include" value of causes some clients to fail Jim Pingle 05/12/2021 07:29 AM
11718 pfSense Bug XMLRPC Feedback Normal XMLRPC Client does not honor its default timeout value 05/12/2021 07:20 AM
11229 pfSense Bug Traffic Shaper (ALTQ) Feedback Low Harmless error when enabling traffic shaper 05/12/2021 07:19 AM
11704 pfSense Bug DNS Resolver Feedback Normal OpenVPN DNS records not deleted after reboot 05/12/2021 07:10 AM
11725 pfSense Bug Traffic Shaper (Limiters) Feedback Normal Error when setting queue limit on CODELQ limiter 05/12/2021 07:09 AM
11893 pfSense Bug Dashboard Feedback Normal IPsec Dashboard widget only displays first P2 subnet when using a single traffic selector 05/12/2021 07:05 AM
11869 pfSense Bug OpenVPN Feedback Normal OpenVPN client startup error if IPv6 Tunnel Network is defined in TAP mode 05/12/2021 07:02 AM
11909 pfSense Bug Backup / Restore New Very Low Output printed on Backup & Restore page instead of console when restoring config 05/11/2021 09:27 PM
11762 pfSense Bug Rules / NAT Feedback Normal Invalid combinations of TCP flag matching options cause ``pfctl`` parser error 05/11/2021 03:57 PM
11765 pfSense Bug Notifications Feedback Normal Invalid HTML encoding in modal Notices window 05/11/2021 03:57 PM
11795 pfSense Regression IPsec Feedback High Applying IPsec settings for more than ~30 tunnels times out PHP Steve Beaver 05/11/2021 03:54 PM
11805 pfSense Regression Rules / NAT Feedback Urgent Port forward works only on interface with default gateway, does not work for alternative wans (CE Only) Kristof Provost 05/11/2021 03:52 PM
11842 pfSense Bug Captive Portal Feedback Normal Captive Portal post-auth redirect is not properly respected Jim Pingle 05/11/2021 03:50 PM
11844 pfSense Todo OpenVPN Feedback Normal Update OpenVPN to 2.5.2 Renato Botelho 05/11/2021 03:50 PM
11859 pfSense Bug Certificates Feedback Normal PHP error on certificate list due to unreadable private key Jim Pingle 05/11/2021 03:48 PM
11884 pfSense Regression Certificates Feedback Normal Export P12 icon is missing if certificate is not locally renewable 05/11/2021 03:45 PM
10955 pfSense Bug XMLRPC New Normal XMLRPC sync errors when failover peer IP is specified in DHCP server settings Renato Botelho 05/11/2021 03:22 PM
11684 pfSense Bug OpenVPN Pull Request Review Normal add the "explicit-exit-notify" option as a default for OpenVPN Server instances 05/11/2021 03:13 PM
11839 pfSense Regression Operating System New Very High Panic on 21.05/2.6.0 snapshots when memory usage is high 05/11/2021 01:16 PM
11905 pfSense Bug DHCP (IPv4) Pull Request Review Normal DHCPv4 server config doesn't include ARM TFTP filenames 05/11/2021 07:20 AM
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