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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6332 pfSense Todo Web Interface New Normal Upgrade encryption options to cover current range of recommendations Steve Beaver 08/13/2019 02:34 PM
2456 pfSense Feature IPsec New Normal IPSec Dashboard Widget Enhancement Request Steve Beaver 04/08/2017 01:59 PM
7367 pfSense Packages Feature Squid New Normal Wizard for Squid Steve Beaver 03/14/2017 01:59 PM
6803 pfSense Bug Web Interface New Normal CSRF timeout occurs when it (probably) shouldn't Steve Beaver 11/03/2016 09:43 PM
8794 pfSense Feature NTPD New Normal NTP authentiction Tod L 04/14/2021 01:49 PM
11091 pfSense Bug Interfaces In Progress Normal Interfaces set as disabled in the configuration have an UP status in the operating system at boot Viktor Gurov 05/14/2021 07:24 AM
11636 pfSense Bug Traffic Shaper (Limiters) Feedback Normal Unused Limiter entries with schedules create unnecessary cron jobs Viktor Gurov 05/13/2021 09:08 AM
6626 pfSense Feature Rules / NAT Feedback Normal Support for IPv6 firewall entries with dynamic delegated prefix and static host address Viktor Gurov 05/13/2021 09:08 AM
11651 pfSense Bug IPsec Feedback Normal Error when adding both IPv4 and IPv6 P2 under an IPv4 or IPv6 only IKEv1 P1 Viktor Gurov 05/13/2021 08:48 AM
11518 pfSense Todo IPsec Feedback Low Move custom IPsec NAT-T port settings to Advanced Options Viktor Gurov 05/13/2021 08:47 AM
11358 pfSense Feature Dynamic DNS Feedback Normal New Dynamic DNS Provider: NIC.RU Viktor Gurov 05/13/2021 07:44 AM
2400 pfSense Feature Wireless Feedback Normal GUI options for WPA Enterprise with identity/password Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:54 PM
11806 pfSense Regression Routing Feedback Normal IPv4 link-local (``169.254.x.x``) gateway does not function Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:46 PM
11596 pfSense Feature OpenVPN Feedback Normal Support for Cisco AVPair ``{clientipv6}`` template in firewall rules returns by RADIUS Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:41 PM
11140 pfSense Feature OpenVPN Feedback Normal Allow the firewall to use DNS servers provided to an OpenVPN client instance Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:39 PM
11911 pfSense Feature IPv6 Router Advertisements (RADVD) Feedback Normal Shortcut buttons for service control and logs on RADVD configuration Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:37 PM
11564 pfSense Regression IPsec Feedback Normal strongSwan configuration always contains user EAP/PSK values Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:33 PM
11211 pfSense Feature IPsec Feedback Normal GUI option to set RADIUS Timeout for EAP-RADIUS Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:32 PM
5135 pfSense Bug Interfaces Feedback Very Low DHCP interfaces are always treated as having a gateway, even if one is not assigned by the upstream DHCP server Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:28 PM
11082 pfSense Bug XMLRPC Feedback Normal XMLRPC synchronization restarts all OpenVPN instances on the secondary node when making any change on the primary node Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:25 PM
11609 pfSense Bug Console Menu Feedback Normal CLI configuration without IPv6 leaves RA enabled Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 02:02 PM
10811 pfSense Feature Backup / Restore Feedback Normal Randomize time of scheduled AutoConfigBackup runs Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 01:56 PM
11402 pfSense Feature Operating System Feedback Normal Xen console support Viktor Gurov 05/12/2021 07:34 AM
11515 pfSense Packages Bug node_exporter Pull Request Review Normal node_exporter 0.18.1_1 - Unable to interact or start the service from web ui Viktor Gurov 05/06/2021 07:23 AM
11711 pfSense Packages Bug squidguard Pull Request Review Normal New Squid Status Page Non-Functional Viktor Gurov 05/03/2021 07:48 AM
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