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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4413 pfSense Feature New Low Vendor specific option spaces 02/12/2015 03:06 AM
4451 pfSense Bug New Low Status DHCP Leases shows double entries for static entries without IP address Phillip Davis 02/19/2015 10:34 PM
4496 pfSense Feature New Low IPv6 outbound NAT support 03/13/2015 04:36 AM
4724 pfSense Feature New Low Captive Portal Status Add Client Hostname 05/22/2015 08:38 AM
4769 pfSense Feature New Low Add IPv6 to Traffic Shaper Wizard 10/23/2017 07:18 AM
4914 pfSense Feature New Low Packet Capture Settings 08/03/2015 02:04 AM
5083 pfSense Feature New Low Allow bridge members to be hidden from menu 02/18/2017 04:39 PM
5307 pfSense Feature New Low Add logarithmic scale option to RRD graphs 10/14/2015 07:37 AM
5308 pfSense Bug New Low Failed Namecheap DDNS updates don't cause an error in the GUI. 10/15/2015 02:19 PM
5480 pfSense Todo New Low inconsistent display of default values in fields Jared Dillard 03/01/2016 04:59 PM
5567 pfSense Feature New Low CARP status widget does not update in real time 02/06/2016 04:50 AM
5851 pfSense Feature New Low Add copy action to OpenVPN client / server 03/24/2017 09:33 PM
6026 pfSense Bug New Low webinterface, firewall rules, wrapping of columns or visible (horizontal)scrollbar needed when contents doesnt fit Jared Dillard 05/24/2016 06:16 AM
6150 pfSense Feature New Low Named IPSec entries 01/24/2017 06:11 AM
6361 pfSense Bug New Low Responsive Mobile Menu issue 05/16/2016 12:09 PM
6386 pfSense Bug New Low Switching Router Advertisements to disabled should broadcast IP Removal messages 05/22/2016 10:44 PM
6390 pfSense Todo New Low Autoscale from Traffic Graph not correct size (big graphs) 05/23/2016 01:38 PM
6503 pfSense Bug New Low rrd graph for ntp monitoring does not reflect freq when neg (-) value. 06/20/2016 08:15 AM
6518 pfSense Bug New Low IPsec phase 1 VPN not working with IPv6+DNS with "My IP Address" as identifier 06/22/2016 02:58 AM
6608 pfSense Feature New Low backup and restore dhcp 07/13/2016 04:09 PM
6696 pfSense Bug New Low Add configure link to Status > Queues error message if traffic shaping not configured Jared Dillard 02/26/2017 05:03 AM
6697 pfSense Todo New Low White squares around the numeric values in the Status / Queues page Jared Dillard 08/15/2016 03:19 AM
6842 pfSense Feature New Low Package Manager progress bar should indicate overall progress 02/24/2017 11:21 PM
6873 pfSense Bug New Low radvd - Too many addresses in RDNSS section when previously using DHCPv6 Dominic Moose 06/06/2018 10:45 AM
6881 pfSense Feature New Low services_unbound_host_edit.php: DNS Resolver Add V4 and V6 host override at the same time Steve Beaver 11/09/2016 02:24 PM
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