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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8531 pfSense Bug New Normal URL Table aliases don't support FQDNs or names that return >1 IP Luiz Souza 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8472 pfSense Bug New Normal IPsec with "Split connections" enabled (multiple P2's) - new added P2's are not coming up (between two pfsense's 2.4.3) 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8443 pfSense Bug New Normal DHCP relay not starting after ovpnc interface is unchecked - vm 2.4.3 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8350 pfSense Todo New Normal Remove clog in favor of standard syslogd or syslogd alternative with rotation via newsyslog or logrotate Jim Pingle 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8273 pfSense Bug New Normal IPv6 GRE tunnel over PPPoE fails on startup 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8263 pfSense Bug New Normal Cannot create a nonlinear `Link Share` service curve because of: "the sum of the child bandwidth higher than parent" 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8248 pfSense Bug New Normal Pfsense hangs - non pingable when removing traffic shaper from interface(s) Luiz Souza 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8192 pfSense Bug New Normal dpinger - Change in ISP link-local IPv6 address drops connectivity 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8160 pfSense Feature New Normal Accomodate both RADIUS and pool IP addresses in IPsec 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8136 pfSense Bug New Normal dpinger for WAN DHCPv6 gets fails to update gateway IP 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8100 pfSense Bug New Normal pfsync Initially Deletes States on Primary for Connections Established through Secondary Luiz Souza 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
9135 pfSense Packages Bug New Normal Suricata in inline modus blocks some downloads 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
8985 pfSense Packages Feature New Normal Suricata: allow configuration for external/internal additional storage 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
9272 pfSense Feature New Normal Allow multiple IP in ListenIP for Zabbix Agent 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9270 pfSense Bug New Normal "Remove all states to and from the filtered address" does not remove all states 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9260 pfSense Feature New Normal ssh_tunnel_shell: Disable console message output 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9259 pfSense Bug New Normal User with "Deny Config Write" privilege is not fully prevented from creating accounts Jim Pingle 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9217 pfSense Feature New Normal Squid LDAP Authentication - spaces in ldif values 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9206 pfSense Feature New Normal OpenVPN+RADIUS+Cisco AVPair ACL Enhancements/BugFixes 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9158 pfSense Todo New Normal add squid proxy 4 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9154 pfSense Bug New Normal Editing a VLAN parent interface causes all VLANs to be reconfigured, which can lead to problems Luiz Souza 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9286 pfSense Packages Bug New Normal squidGuard - Unable to change IP for sgerror.php URL in configuration 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9220 pfSense Packages Bug New Normal STunnel: Tunnel list does not show certificate 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9349 pfSense Bug New Normal IPSec service start/stop/restart fails after settings change 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
9331 pfSense Bug New Normal Parallel Rekey fails for multiple Child SAs 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
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