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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2323 pfSense Feature New Low GUI doesn't allow to configure DHCP server to serve IP addresses belonging to subnets wich are not associated with an interface 03/29/2012 12:30 PM
2357 pfSense Feature New Low Support Dual Stack Lite 05/13/2014 09:39 PM
2424 pfSense Feature New Low Allow masking of pass-thru MACs 05/10/2012 09:57 AM
2545 pfSense Feature New Low CaptivePortal: Custom "Re-authenticate every x minutes" 07/08/2012 05:21 PM
2568 pfSense Feature New Low Allow dashed DUID to be entered in a DHCPv6 Mapping 07/30/2012 03:55 AM
2850 pfSense Feature New Low add units in ntp status page 03/02/2013 05:35 AM
2960 pfSense Feature New Low Add queue length adjustment capabilities to traffic shaper based on network size Shawn Iverson 04/13/2014 01:56 PM
3031 pfSense Feature New Low Message is false after changing Hardware Checksum Offloading setting 06/07/2013 11:35 AM
3162 pfSense Feature New Low MLPPP Status of connections 02/06/2016 04:55 AM
3356 pfSense Feature New Low Document functionality of unclear DynDNS providers 12/06/2013 02:46 AM
3411 pfSense Bug New Low Interfaces and statistics dashboard widgets very slow with large numbers of interfaces 01/24/2014 02:09 AM
3487 pfSense Bug Confirmed Low Punctuation removed when replicating rule descriptions from primary to secondary 02/06/2016 04:11 AM
3708 pfSense Packages Bug New Low Error with order field while creating the first entry in "groups ACL" for squidGuard package 06/12/2014 02:32 AM
3792 pfSense Feature Feedback Low Group name size limit too restrictive on Active Directory Users Jim Pingle 06/07/2019 12:25 PM
3859 pfSense Feature New Low Make it possible to set the source IP address for gateway monitoring 11/06/2016 10:12 PM
3889 pfSense Bug Confirmed Low Non relevant changes in config.xml 10/20/2014 10:40 PM
3907 pfSense Feature New Low OpenVPN connected client count display 10/09/2014 12:15 AM
3943 pfSense Feature New Low pf - divert-reply not implemented (usefull for haproxy) 10/16/2014 06:42 PM
3945 pfSense Bug Confirmed Low BOOTP lease end status is mis-parsed 10/20/2014 10:41 PM
4024 pfSense Feature New Low Add a reject rule to prevent traffic from "falling through" relayd and reaching the GUI accidentally 11/18/2014 10:22 AM
4165 pfSense Feature New Low Allow for security zones when defining interfaces and firewall rules. 02/06/2016 04:35 AM
4195 pfSense Feature New Low Aliases: sections Steve Beaver 02/08/2016 07:50 AM
4209 pfSense Feature New Low Releasing DHCP on WAN interface should send a release 01/16/2017 07:03 PM
4234 pfSense Feature Assigned Low allow for strict user <> cn validation of mobile ipsec users when using rsa+xauth 01/24/2017 06:11 AM
4278 pfSense Feature New Low Mail notification change name of the interface info more readable - pfsense 2.2 01/27/2015 03:10 AM
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