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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6028 pfSense Bug Confirmed High no firewall rules loaded after reboot with invalid ruleset Renato Botelho 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
5786 pfSense Bug New Normal Check WebConfigurator port for conflicts Renato Botelho 01/25/2016 05:40 AM
5510 pfSense Feature New Normal Need a simple way to enable/disable package-installed services Renato Botelho 02/26/2017 04:43 PM
5413 pfSense Bug Confirmed High Incorrect Handling of Unbound Resolver [service restarts, cache loss, DNS service interruption] Renato Botelho 08/17/2017 04:44 PM
5074 pfSense Feature New Normal Standard release notes URLs to facilitate GUI viewing before upgrade Renato Botelho 09/23/2015 01:05 PM
4154 pfSense Bug Confirmed Normal RADIUS authentication not working over IPv6 Renato Botelho 02/18/2017 03:51 PM
3473 pfSense Feature New Normal Allow configuration of OpenVPN keepalive Renato Botelho 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
3445 pfSense Bug New Very Low Proxy URL behaviour for package list - trailing slash Renato Botelho 02/26/2017 05:22 AM
3329 pfSense Feature New Normal Allow creating "not" rules for IPsec Phase 2 Renato Botelho 08/08/2018 06:38 AM
3152 pfSense Bug Confirmed Normal Updater should fall back to IPv4 if IPv6 fails Renato Botelho 01/29/2016 02:51 PM
1337 pfSense Feature Assigned Normal VLANs with different MAC address than parent interface Renato Botelho 03/12/2019 10:54 AM
946 pfSense Feature New Normal Allow aliases to be used to define IPsec phase 2 networks Renato Botelho 10/23/2017 11:33 AM
2050 pfSense Packages Feature New Normal Add IPv6 support to the openbgp package Seth Mos 07/31/2012 12:47 PM
2960 pfSense Feature New Low Add queue length adjustment capabilities to traffic shaper based on network size Shawn Iverson 04/13/2014 01:56 PM
6350 pfSense Packages Bug Feedback Normal Auto Config Backup - Uncaught Exception Simon Trigona 01/23/2017 10:22 AM
9245 pfSense Todo New Normal Update copyright notices to 2019 Steve Beaver 03/12/2019 10:55 AM
8907 pfSense Bug New Normal wizard.php - $field['type'] - "Select" doesn't have the attribute "Size" defined Steve Beaver 09/16/2018 11:14 PM
8284 pfSense Feature New Low Add duplicate option next to OpenVPN servers and clients Steve Beaver 11/08/2018 12:58 PM
8045 pfSense Bug New Normal Terminal and WebGUI stops responding Steve Beaver 11/06/2017 09:45 AM
8015 pfSense Bug New Normal IPSecVPN Not Reconnecting until complete reboot Steve Beaver 12/03/2017 01:00 PM
7898 pfSense Bug New High PFsense 2.4 RC 9/28/17 update - Traffic Shaper HFSC Priority field missing Steve Beaver 10/23/2017 07:08 AM
7892 pfSense Packages Bug New Normal AutoConfigBackup status reported incorrectly Steve Beaver 09/15/2018 11:57 AM
7882 pfSense Feature New Low Seperator feature in DHCP Static mapping for this feature Steve Beaver 07/05/2018 10:00 AM
7788 pfSense Bug New Low Irregular updating of widgets like cpu/uptime on system widget. Steve Beaver 08/20/2017 05:57 PM
7781 pfSense Feature New Normal Please Enable Rule Separators on Manual Outbound NAT Steve Beaver 01/24/2018 09:08 PM
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