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# Project Tracker Category Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
14807 pfSense Bug Web Interface New Low Logo text is partially rendered when using Compact-RED theme on CE Jim Pingle 09/25/2023 01:19 PM Actions
14806 pfSense Packages Bug FreeRADIUS Confirmed Normal Freeradius configuration lost when you reinstall package 09/25/2023 01:55 PM Actions
14805 pfSense Packages Bug WireGuard New Normal when I changed Endpoint ip via webgui, but wiregaurd still using old ip ruuning. 09/23/2023 06:33 AM Actions
14804 pfSense Bug Operating System New Normal Panic in HA setup 09/22/2023 06:19 PM Actions
14802 pfSense Feature Hardware / Drivers New High Re-enable multiqueue support for virtio NIC 09/20/2023 09:08 PM Actions
14796 pfSense Packages Bug ACME New Normal ACME for domain registrar INWX in Germany 09/19/2023 10:15 PM Actions
14795 pfSense Packages Todo Nut Pull Request Review Normal Transition from NUT 2.8.0 to NUT Devel 09/20/2023 01:24 PM Actions
14791 pfSense Regression Build / Release New High ``/etc/version.buildtime`` is not being updated on current snapshots Jim Pingle 09/22/2023 05:55 PM Actions
14790 pfSense Todo Interfaces Feedback Normal Eliminate direct config access in ``interfaces.php`` Jim Pingle 09/25/2023 01:17 PM Actions
14789 pfSense Plus Feature Captive Portal Pull Request Review Normal Captive Portal - Add OTP authentication option to the portal's authentication options 09/18/2023 07:28 AM Actions
14787 pfSense Packages Feature FreeRADIUS New Very Low Feature request - Freeradius post-auth custom options 09/16/2023 02:34 PM Actions
14786 pfSense Packages Feature Squid New Low Add GUI option for host_verify_strict 09/21/2023 02:07 AM Actions
14785 pfSense Bug Interfaces Feedback Normal Primary IPv6 interface address may be incorrect when a VIP is set Marcos M 09/15/2023 09:45 PM Actions
14783 pfSense Packages Bug OpenVPN Client Export Confirmed Normal OpenVPN Client Export tool does not include the domain name for a server FQDN when selecting a Dynamic DNS entriy using Gandi LiveDNS 09/23/2023 01:31 PM Actions
14779 pfSense Packages Feature WireGuard New Normal dynamic dns for wireguard peer 09/14/2023 12:14 PM Actions
14778 pfSense Plus Bug Console Menu Incomplete Normal /usr/local/www/csrf/csrf-magic.php on line 161 PHP Fatal error 09/13/2023 09:32 PM Actions
14775 pfSense Packages Bug FRR New Normal FRR LocPrf and Weight is forced to 0 09/12/2023 03:31 PM Actions
14772 pfSense Plus Bug Installer New Normal PFsense Plus doesn't work with AWS new Instance Metadata Service (IMDSv2) 09/11/2023 06:51 PM Actions
14771 pfSense Packages Bug Lightsquid Feedback Normal Lightsquid creating multiple SSL certificates, not starting Jim Pingle 09/18/2023 12:51 PM Actions
14770 pfSense Packages Feature pfBlockerNG New Normal Search for addresses and ports optimization 09/11/2023 03:14 AM Actions
14766 pfSense Feature Hardware / Drivers New Normal i225/i226 based NICs not recognized for CE install/virtualized instances freezing 09/09/2023 11:16 PM Actions
14765 pfSense Plus Feature DHCP Server (IPv6) New Normal DHCPv6 is limited to DUID and unable to consider IAID 09/09/2023 07:34 PM Actions
14764 pfSense Packages Regression haproxy New Normal-package HAProxy local syslog not working 09/09/2023 07:08 PM Actions
14762 pfSense Feature Certificates New Normal Support X25519 and X448 public key algorithms in certificates 09/08/2023 02:42 PM Actions
14761 pfSense Feature Backup / Restore Pull Request Review Normal Select multiple config backups in history to delete 09/08/2023 01:42 PM Actions
14760 pfSense Packages Bug FRR New Normal When RPKI is enabled for filtering, no upstream routes are received 09/07/2023 04:07 PM Actions
14758 pfSense Bug Web Interface Feedback High ``status_carp.php`` and ``diag_dump_states.php`` unresponsive with large state tables Kristof Provost 09/18/2023 07:35 PM Actions
14757 pfSense Bug XML Parser New Normal Special character encoding - crash on save / config restore 09/07/2023 12:40 PM Actions
14756 pfSense Bug Interfaces New Normal Interfaces configured as trackv6 lose v4 addresses Jim Pingle 09/21/2023 01:19 PM Actions
14755 pfSense Regression Operating System Feedback Normal Intermittent core dump in ``ndp`` when visiting ``diag_ndp.php`` Christian McDonald 09/18/2023 06:23 PM Actions
14754 pfSense Packages Bug Snort New Normal Snort security issue bug within tcp/UDP scan detection blocking tool DoS event 09/06/2023 02:53 PM Actions
14753 pfSense Packages Bug pfBlockerNG New Normal pfBlockerNG sync issues 09/06/2023 01:58 PM Actions
14752 pfSense Plus Bug PHP Interpreter Incomplete Normal PHP Request Shutdown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0 09/07/2023 03:46 PM Actions
14751 pfSense Feature OpenVPN New Normal OpenVPN CSO option to control duplicate connections per a specific client 09/06/2023 08:57 AM Actions
14748 pfSense Packages Bug FRR Confirmed Normal I deleted frr Neighbors through webgui, but it was not deleted in frr. 09/14/2023 01:03 PM Actions
14746 pfSense Feature Operating System Feedback Normal Method for users to customize shell initialization behavior Jim Pingle 09/11/2023 07:30 PM Actions
14745 pfSense Packages Bug haproxy New Normal haproxy: backend, SSL health check 09/04/2023 05:56 AM Actions
14743 pfSense Plus Feature Web Interface New Normal Add Passkey/Certificate-based Authentication 09/03/2023 04:21 AM Actions
14742 pfSense Bug Configuration Upgrade New Low Several PHP errors in Jim Pingle 09/05/2023 12:43 PM Actions
14741 pfSense Bug DNS Forwarder New Very High PHP error in DNS Forwarder host overrides when the language is set to French 09/05/2023 12:45 PM Actions
14734 pfSense Bug Aliases / Tables New High Alias FQDN resolving issue results in incomplete tables 08/31/2023 02:02 PM Actions
14731 pfSense Feature DNS Resolver Feedback Normal Unbound Advanced Settings entry for ``sock-queue-timeout`` Marcos M 09/19/2023 05:40 PM Actions
14730 pfSense Packages Bug FreeRADIUS New Normal FreeRADIUS package has wrong/old internal_name specified in backup xml causing package reinstall failure on backup restore 09/01/2023 09:08 AM Actions
14729 pfSense Packages Feature OpenVPN Client Export New Normal OpenVPN Client Export - Support PLAP on Windows Jim Pingle 09/23/2023 11:15 PM Actions
14728 pfSense Feature Backup / Restore New Normal Support for CD/DVD drives in the External Configuration Locator (ECL) 08/29/2023 03:25 AM Actions
14718 pfSense Packages Bug pfBlockerNG New Normal pfBlocker DNSBL IPs list action is wrongly named 08/26/2023 07:06 AM Actions
14717 pfSense Bug Gateways Feedback Normal A default route can remain after setting the default gateway to None Marcos M 09/19/2023 04:50 PM Actions
14715 pfSense Packages Bug haproxy New Normal HAProxy Agent-Check are not enabled in the config despite being checked in the UI 08/25/2023 04:06 PM Actions
14714 pfSense Packages Bug haproxy New Normal HAProxy Agent Check 08/25/2023 04:13 PM Actions
14712 pfSense Packages Feature New Package Request New Normal CrowdSec package 09/04/2023 12:40 PM Actions
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