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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8121pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalhaproxy, allow to generate backends even they don't seem to be used11/23/2017 04:04 AM
8120pfSenseBugNewNormalUnable to disable DHCP Server on interface when DNS Resolver "DHCP Registration" is enabled11/23/2017 03:29 AM
8119pfSenseBugNewNormalSite to Site IPsec On a VM Not Routing11/22/2017 07:43 PM
8118pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalNote default key name when using RFC 213611/22/2017 11:34 AM
8117pfSenseBugNewNormalIPSec statuspage shows both connected and connecting tunnel11/23/2017 01:47 AM
8116pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalwebgui autologout after 5 min idle on 2.4.211/22/2017 09:20 AM
8115pfSenseBugNewNormalAfter update 2.3.4_1-> 2.4.0 ospf over gre looks broken11/21/2017 07:41 PM
8113pfSenseBugNewNormalMTU setting on bridge, openvpn clients ignored11/21/2017 12:46 PM
8112pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalInternal IP mask is always reset to /32 when editing a 1:1 NATSteve Beaver11/21/2017 09:30 AM
8111pfSenseBugNewNormalDisabled 1:1 NATs are not passed the "disabled" class (not greyed out)11/21/2017 04:14 AM
8109pfSenseFeatureNewNormalUPnP & NAT-PMP ACL Aliases11/20/2017 11:42 AM
8107pfSenseFeatureNewNormalSG1000 Manually set time11/18/2017 02:53 PM
8106pfSenseBugNewNormaldhcp6c lock files not removed after unclean shutdown when using "Do not wait for an RA" on IPv6 WAN interfaceSteve Beaver11/19/2017 12:09 AM
8103pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalsquid monitor using hard coded logs location11/16/2017 09:53 PM
8102pfSenseFeatureNewNormalSend an e-mail message when a core dump is generated11/16/2017 02:24 PM
8101pfSenseFeatureNewNormalFilter loop prevention11/16/2017 01:15 PM
8100pfSenseBugNewNormalpfsync Initially Deletes States on Primary for Connections Established through Secondary11/16/2017 12:51 PM
8099pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalAdd more configuration flexibility to Telegraf11/15/2017 10:33 AM
8096pfSenseBugNewNormalSpecial characters not propagated by the config sync engine11/15/2017 04:32 AM
8095pfSenseBugNewNormalUnescaped simple quotes break JavaScript features when the French translation is enabled11/15/2017 04:07 AM
8092pfSenseBugNewNormalCaptive Portal Allowed MAC bandwidth changes11/14/2017 04:36 AM
8091pfSenseBugNewNormalLimiters with fractional bandwidth values are not loaded correctly11/15/2017 02:52 PM
8089pfSenseBugNewHighVLAN page breaks after config restore to new hardware.11/21/2017 01:38 PM
8087pfSenseBugNewNormalProvide Calling-Station-ID to RADIUS backed VPN connections11/13/2017 12:23 AM
8086pfSenseBugNewHighDHCPv6 no longer working11/12/2017 04:50 PM
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