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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6957pfSenseBugNewNormal CARP arp reply with wrong src macLuiz Otavio O Souza04/20/2017 03:25 AM
5850pfSenseFeatureNewNormal Limit "WebCfg - System: User Manager page" privilege to non-admins and non-admin groups02/19/2017 10:04 AM
6727pfSenseTodoNewVery Low Missing file apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png ?Jared Dillard08/18/2016 02:10 PM
2358pfSenseFeatureNewNormal NAT64 SupportLuiz Otavio O Souza05/08/2017 12:32 AM
3472pfSenseBugNewNormal"Diagnostics -> Table -> [large table]" won't show table contents02/19/2014 03:02 AM
4716pfSenseBugConfirmedLow"DNS Resolver" lacks SOA for ".local" domain setups07/02/2016 04:11 AM
6598pfSenseBugConfirmedLow"PPPoE clients" placeholder in rules only includes first PPPoE server instance07/10/2016 07:43 PM
7459pfSenseFeatureNewLow"Refresh" button for Diagnostics/Tables display04/09/2017 02:40 AM
7594pfSenseBugNewNormal"vtnet: driver does not support altq" following upgrade to 2.4 (worked in pfSense 2.3)05/21/2017 06:48 PM
7391pfSense PackagesBugNewHigh0.4.36_1 localnet ACL missing03/15/2017 06:07 PM
7361pfSenseFeatureNewLow2.3.4 - Add possibility to modify UDP (First, Single, Multiple) and TCP Timeouts per rule and not only per global parameter03/07/2017 06:28 AM
1388pfSenseFeatureNewNormal3G outbound failover connection with auto dial-up and hang-up11/10/2014 04:28 AM
5253pfSenseBugNewNormal3gstats.php 100% CPU10/04/2015 07:40 AM
7653pfSenseBugNewNormal3gstats.php holding open the cuaU0.3 device06/19/2017 06:29 AM
7235pfSenseBugNewNormal4860 has not got significant IPsec performance rising with enabled HW accelerationLuiz Otavio O Souza02/08/2017 01:47 AM
6377pfSenseFeatureNewNormal6rd ipv6 tunnel: MTU settings not editable and not correlated to interface MTU (hardcoded to 1280)05/20/2016 05:13 AM
7272pfSenseBugNewNormal6rd not functioning on 2.4.0-BETALuiz Otavio O Souza04/25/2017 01:59 PM
2117pfSenseFeatureNewNormal6RD support for ISPs like Swisscom08/22/2014 10:40 AM
7020pfSenseBugNewNormal<Hostname> is omitted when sending logs on syslog12/19/2016 09:44 AM
7536pfSenseBugNewNormal<sendpacket> sendmsg on cpsw0: Permission denied05/10/2017 11:35 AM
7116pfSenseBugConfirmedNormala floating 'match' rule on LAN does not put traffic from a broswer on a clientpc into a shaper queueLuiz Otavio O Souza05/31/2017 02:53 PM
7224pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbandon rate in favor of iftop02/07/2017 10:07 AM
1924pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbility of CP's allowed IP addresses to use aliases10/02/2011 06:11 PM
7405pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbility to add dhcp host reservations from "Diagnostics -> ARP table"03/17/2017 05:57 AM
7406pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAbility to clear all dhcp leases at once03/19/2017 08:16 PM
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