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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8276pfSenseBugNewNormalVirtual IPs considered primary when using interface tracking for ipv6Jim Pingle01/18/2018 12:54 AM
8286pfSenseFeatureNewNormalIPsec on Multiwan fail back to Tier1 WAN after it is back UP01/17/2018 11:43 PM
8249pfSenseBugNewNormalpid 77785 (php-fpm), uid 0, was killed: out of swap space01/17/2018 06:06 PM
8285pfSenseBugNewNormalActions on stale data may result in catastrophic results01/16/2018 08:08 PM
8113pfSenseBugNewNormalMTU setting on bridge, openvpn clients ignored01/16/2018 03:28 PM
3132pfSenseBugNewNormalGateway events for IPv6 affect IPv4 services and vice versaSteve Beaver01/16/2018 02:09 PM
3377pfSenseFeatureNewNormalOAuth2 authentication in captive portalJim Thompson01/16/2018 02:08 PM
4031pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalNotifications mail bomb in some gateway failure circumstancesRenato Botelho01/16/2018 02:08 PM
6025pfSenseBugAssignedNormalLoad balancing fails when one gateway has a weight of 1 and another gateway has a weight >101/16/2018 02:06 PM
6167pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalIPsec IPComp not workingGeorge Neville-Neil01/16/2018 02:05 PM
6263pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalEncryption options for every P2 on a given P1 are written to each P2 individually inside ipsec.conf with multiple P2 entries + split conn entriesRenato Botelho01/16/2018 02:05 PM
6690pfSense PackagesBugFeedbackNormalSURICATA IPS Issue - Kills VLANS & Traffic ShaperLuiz Souza01/16/2018 02:02 PM
6742pfSenseFeatureNewNormalOAuth2 authentication for OpenVPN (and for FreeRadius)Jim Thompson01/16/2018 02:01 PM
6848pfSenseBugFeedbackLowDo not create an IPv4/6 gateway for an interface without according IPv4/6 addressLuiz Souza01/16/2018 01:59 PM
7079pfSenseBugFeedbackLowClamAV C-ICAP causing Kernel Panic and System CrashLuiz Souza01/16/2018 01:57 PM
7467pfSenseFeatureNewNormalAdd iPhone/Android/Generic USB tethering supportRenato Botelho01/16/2018 01:54 PM
7439pfSenseBugFeedbackHighIKE_SA (IKEv2) does not rekey on break before make startegy, just issues IKE_DELETE and connection is closedRenato Botelho01/16/2018 01:50 PM
7146pfSenseBugNewNormalinstall_cron_job() causes inexplicable issues when saving package configurationJim Pingle01/16/2018 01:46 PM
8245pfSenseTodoFeedbackLowuse delayed compression for sshd01/16/2018 01:30 PM
7735pfSenseBugNewLowSwitching to wildcard cert fails until rebootJim Pingle01/16/2018 01:27 PM
7634pfSenseBugNewNormalWhen restoring from USB during install, if the config file contains RRD data, the final config.xml on the system will also contain all the RRD infomation01/16/2018 01:23 PM
7623pfSenseFeatureNewLowAllow L2TP user passwords to contain special characters01/16/2018 01:22 PM
7605pfSenseBugNewNormalState Killing on Gateway Success01/16/2018 01:18 PM
8125pfSenseBugFeedbackNormalgateway 502 errors proposed fix for high ram systemsSteve Beaver01/16/2018 12:57 PM
8181pfSense PackagesFeatureNewNormalQuagga OSPF failover mechanism takes too much time to converge in HA environmentsTim Economides01/16/2018 12:54 PM
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