Bug #3514

Updated by Ermal Lu├ži over 7 years ago

 +*Problem:*+ When the LAN interface experiences a link down/up event.    The IPv6 prefix assigned to the interface is lost.    Only recovery is a system reboot (that I have found). 


 WAN: DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size = /60 
 LAN (re0): IPv6 Prefix ID = 0 

 You can see the problem occurring in the routing.log 

 Note: The /60 does work.    I have other OPT interfaces that get their prefix.    Unique Prefix ID on each. 

 Have not tested to see if this problem occurs when the WAN prefix request is a /64. 

 *+Steps to reproduce:+* 

 1) Just bounce the LAN interface. 

 Logs:    Available in the forum post -,73492.0.html