From 12/24/2018 to 01/22/2019


03:36 PM Correction #8865 (Rejected): Feedback on Networking Concepts — IPv6 — IPv6 Subnetting
You have misread what the page is stating. The table is primarily to indicate the enormity of the IPv6 space.
Jim Pingle
03:31 PM Correction #8853 (Resolved): [feedback form] Explain what 0:0 means
Added info to that page. ICMP doesn't have state levels like other protocols, so it's really just a placeholder. Does... Jim Pingle
03:05 PM Correction #9287 (Resolved): Feedback on The pfSense Book
Fix committed Jim Pingle
01:03 PM Correction #9287 (Resolved): Feedback on The pfSense Book
*Feedback:* Printed page 264, section 16.1. Period m...
Giuseppe Cimmino


02:14 PM Correction #9237 (New): Remove references to pfSense Virtual VMware Appliance
At, there is a "VMware READY" logo at the top of the... James Dekker
02:02 PM Correction #9216 (Resolved): pfSense Firewall/VPN/Router for Azure » Support Resources Outdated link
All relevant URLs on the page are now corrected. James Dekker


10:22 AM Correction #9228 (New): Feedback on Hardware — Hardware Sizing Guidance
Customer n...
Doug McIntire

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