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Bug #11466: PHP exit with sig 11 on SG-3100
Bug #11626: Google LDAP connection failed due to lack of SNI for TLS 1.3
Feature #11732: Add VXLAN Support to pfSense Plus
Bug #11770: Pantech UML295 USB Modem No Longer Functional
Feature #11772: Layer 2 Tunnel Bonding Capability
Bug #11775: State counters not updating and always show 0/0 since last few updates
Bug #11807: HA setup restarts all OpenVPN instances on the secondary after making any change on the primary
Bug #11630: WireGuard MultiWAN Not Failing Back to Tier 1
Regression #11702: RAM Disk Settings shows Kernel Memory at 0 Kb and doesn't allow to create RAM disks.
Bug #11653: duplicate comconsole_port="0x2F8" lines in loader.conf
Bug #11673: Thermal Sensors Non-functional on SG-3100
pfSense Plus
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