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Bug #15015 (New): Static routes not working
Hello, This morning I updated to PFSense 2 ... tes, let's call them A, B and C. There is an IPSec tunnel between A and B, and one between B an ... els are set with Mode VTI. I've assigned the ipsec interfaces and set the gateways and routes: Site A has a gateway set on the IPSec interface and a route for site C that uses that gateway. Site B has two gateways (one for each IPSec tunnel) and the following routes: * route to site A via the IPSec interface - gateway - going to site A * route to site B via the IPSec interface - gateway - going to site B Site C has a gateway set on the IPSec interface and a route for site A that uses t ... ere added to the routing table. Thank you. 11/20/2023 05:53 PM
Bug #14893 (Feedback): Large number of IPsec tunnels causes long filter reload times
On a 23.05.1 system with many IPsec tunnels, reloading the filter can take over ... rrences), euid 0, rgid 0, jail 0 </pre> 10/18/2023 06:35 PM
Bug #14843 (New): Explicit split DNS domain names required for IoS IPSEC clients.
This is a follow-up to bug #12975. In the IPSec Mobile Clients GUI page, the SPLIT DNS param ... TERNAL_DNS_DOMAIN value. Returning to the IPSec Mobile Clients GUI page will show that the S ... same value as for the DNS Default Domain ;-). 10/05/2023 03:24 PM
Bug #14614 (Confirmed): Status/IPSec/Overview - sort IPSec list by description does not work
The list page for Status/IPSec/Overview. When the description sort is selected, the list is still sorted by the ID. 07/26/2023 04:10 PM
Feature #14483 (New): Conditionally reconfigure IPsec VTI interfaces only when necessary while applying IPsec changes
I have at this time 4x IPsec VTI tunnels running eBGP. When any change i ... r shouldn't drop all routing for all peers. 06/17/2023 06:38 PM
Bug #14371 (New): Firewall does not respond to UDP traceroute requests over IPsec
Tested on @23.01@. pfSense itself does not ... raceroutes when it receives the request over IPsec (both policy/routed tunnels tested, as well ... to other clients on the siteB LAN work fine. 05/10/2023 10:08 PM
Bug #14312 (Feedback): MSS clamping on VPN traffic does not work on IPsec IPv6 mobile VPNs
Steps to reproduce: 1. Configure a mobile IPsec VPN with an IPv6 pool. 2. In System -> Adva ... t: For IPv6 traffic, the MSS is not clamped. 04/26/2023 02:09 AM
Bug #14270 (New): Default domain is not used in IPsec Split DNS
The Split-DNS GUI option has the description: ... ed. Entering the domain manually still works. 04/11/2023 04:40 PM
Feature #13948 (New): Allow %any for local_addrs IPsec endpoint setting
Charon allows setting %any as local_addrs, al ... ing and the setting is behaving as intended. 02/11/2023 08:46 PM
Feature #13902 (New): Add configuration option to IPsec VPN section to allow strongSwan to use RSA-PSS signatures
When an IKEv2 client indicates support for RF ... ng a VPN connection from a compatible client. 01/25/2023 12:56 AM