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Bug #12026 (New): Optimize applying IPsec settings for more than ~30 tunnels
This is an additional optimization for #11795: 1. `ipsec_get_phase1_src()` - always executes `get_int ... if no appropriate protocol is selected 2. `ipsec_setup_secrets()` - always writes CRL files, ... 0:03.36 5.0% 3968+364k 51+0io 0pf+0w </pre> 06/11/2021 12:42 AM
Todo #12025 (New): Add 1:1 Validation to Notify Someone They are 1:1 NAT'ing an Interface Address
Although it is VERY rarely necessary, we shou ... nded due to connectivity issues for dpinger, IPSec, etc. that may occur. Often we see users 1: ... ateway monitoring to fail on that interface). 06/10/2021 05:34 PM
Bug #12023 (New): Mobile IPsec NAT/BINAT rules not inserted into pf rule set
Adding a NAT or BINAT to a mobile IPsec configuration does not work. The nat rule ... iguration. This is true for 1:1 and Many:1 06/10/2021 11:18 AM
Regression #11986 (New): Static routes are not installing properly on IPsec VTI links
Static routes that I had established via VTI ... #L995 see NG #6438 2.5.2/21.05 affected 06/02/2021 10:31 AM
Bug #11958 (New): Multi-wan Azure Dyndns updates not working when primary WAN is unplugged
I have already raised this issue on the Netga ... :11:08 check_reload_status 381 Restarting ipsec tunnels May 24 00:11:08 check_reload_statu ... igb0 <code class="text"> </code></pre> 05/24/2021 07:45 PM
Bug #11951 (New): IPSEC stuck on large configuration (more than 10 P2 tunnels)
How to reproduce: 1. Set wan address 2. Create IPSEC IKEv1 P1 with remote and 11 P2 tunnels (or load attached config). 3. Go to Status\IPsec and click "connect" You will see "Collecting IPsec status information.". After that all web int ... t". Tested versions: 2.5.1 2.6.0-DEV 05/24/2021 02:48 AM
Bug #11910 (New): IPsec status tunnel descriptions are incorrect
Moving from internal Redmine since this affec ... g wrong tunnel descriptions for site to site ipsec tunnels under 'status > ipsec'. > > 21.05-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) > built ... rades, and I see the wrong tunnel name with 'ipsec statusall' as well. See NG 6284 for the a ... ight reverse mapping when doing the status. 05/12/2021 08:00 AM
Bug #11900 (New): IPsec tunnels remain active after disabling
If you disable IPsec PH1 or PH2 on the VPN / IPsec / Tunnels (vpn_ipsec.php) tunnel remain active and disabled in c ... 2a1424af7d6ae9868d045c/src/usr/local/www/vpn_ipsec.php#L186 you need to manually disconnect it on the VPN / Status / IPsec (status_ipsec.php) page 05/10/2021 03:45 AM
Bug #11891 (New): strongSwan configuration contains incorrect structure for mobile pool DNS records
Hello, according to old style configuration <pre> rightd ... pools = radius-pool, radius ... </pre> 05/05/2021 07:42 AM
Bug #11864 (New): OpenVPN stays bound to previous IP after its inteface changes
Setup: OpenVPN listening on UDP IPv4 on a VI ... ted: 04/28/2021 08:29 AM