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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Bootstrap08/20/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #4967: vpn_ipsec.php missing tabs0.20
Bootstrap09/16/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5145: services_captiveportal_ip.php missing directional indicator0.50
Bootstrap09/16/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5143: vpn_openvpn_server.php "Inter-client communication" missing checkbox0.50
Bootstrap09/16/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5150: Duplicating load balancer pool creates empty disabled member0.50
Bootstrap09/16/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5151: mask not configurable for CARP and IP alias VIPs0.50
Bootstrap09/16/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5139: system_usermanager.php - Deleting a user has no effect0.50
Bootstrap09/15/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5036: missing easy rule and DNS icons on diag_logs_filter.php0.50
Bootstrap09/11/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5121: interfaces.php - Wireless Antenna Selection should default to "Default"0.50
Bootstrap09/11/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5120: interfaces.php - "Enable WPA" option for wireless does not save0.50
Bootstrap09/09/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5115: firewall_aliases_edit: No hint on page load0.50
Bootstrap09/08/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5015: proxy ARP/Other type network option not working0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5105: system_usermanager.php - SSH Authorized Key field hidden when it contains data0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5104: Firewall Optimization Options descriptions missing from system_advanced_firewall.php0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5103: vpn_ipsec.php missing global enable/disable0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5102: vpn_ipsec_phase2.php doesn't allow 32 as mask0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5100: SMTP Test Notifications do not function0.50
Bootstrap09/04/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5099: firewall_rules_edit.php - Destination Port options are hidden on page load with TCP or UDP0.50
Bootstrap09/03/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5088: system_authservers.php - When input validation errors occur, several field values are lost0.50
Bootstrap09/03/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5087: system_advanced_notifications.php - Multiple issues with fields on the page0.50
Bootstrap09/02/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5068: system_authservers.php - LDAP Container selection popup is non-functional0.50
Bootstrap09/02/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5067: system_authservers.php - LDAP default ports are not pre-filled0.50
Bootstrap09/02/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5066: system_authservers.php - Bind Anonymous/Bind Credentials checkbox show/hide gets reversed0.50
Bootstrap09/02/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5061: unable to specify port range on firewall_rules_edit.php0.50
Bootstrap09/02/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5057: diag_logs_settings.php show/hide fields issue0.50
Bootstrap09/01/2015Steve BeaverDevelopmentBug #5055: group "all" shouldn't appear as configurable0.50
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