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11:50 AM pfSense Bug #10710 (Resolved): L2TP secret uses empty value
works as expected on 2.5.0.a.20200917.1311
now it doesn't leave empty 'set l2tp secret ""'
10:20 AM pfSense Feature #10914: Skip extra data checkbox
10:15 AM pfSense Revision 35fa566c: Include extra data backup checkbox. Implements #10914
08:28 AM pfSense Feature #10914 (Feedback): Skip extra data checkbox
Add "Skip extra data" checkbox to allow skipping backup/restore:
- Captive Portal DB (#10868), Captive Portal UsedMA...
07:44 AM pfSense Revision 1af1e47e: Backup Captive Portal DB files. Implements #10868
04:07 AM pfSense Feature #10912: DNS Domain Overrides - more than one target IP
If there are multiple authoritative DNS servers available for a domain then make a separate entry for each, using the...
01:09 AM pfSense Revision b862ffc5: Hide IPsec Pre-Shared Keys non-psk fields. Issue #10532
12:50 AM pfSense Feature #10909: #define MAXVIFS 32 to 64
see also


11:27 AM pfSense Bug #7379 (Resolved): Virtual IPs/Proxy ARP: Not defined pid file on starting choparp.
works as expected on 2.5.0.a.20200916.1850
choparp is restarted on vip change
10:29 AM pfSense Feature #10392 (Resolved): GRE: Tunnels cannot have IPv6 and IPv4 addresses at the same time
tested on two 2.5.0.a.20200916.1850
works as expected:...

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