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12:14 PM pfSense Bug #12039: Gateway alarm always trigger IPsec restart
02:51 AM pfSense Regression #12040 (Resolved): Scheduled firewall rules failing to load
works as expected on 2.5.2.r.20210617.1709:...
12:27 AM pfSense Bug #12049: GRE tunnels: attempt to create of an IPv4-only GRE-tunnel ( by leaving empty "Local IPv6 tunnel address." and "Remote IPv6 address address.") results in "A GRE tunnel with the same IPv6 tunnel network is already defined.".


01:55 PM pfSense Bug #11959: PPP interfaces lose the description field in some cases
Applied in changeset commit:56ad99b3989f0d6bcf1f16ac3eaf727ec6b6c901.
01:55 PM pfSense Bug #12000: Remote syslog server input validation passes invalid values
Applied in changeset commit:c2c11dcf6dd2b71d554d2870a39373e75c70e624.
01:48 PM pfSense Revision 56ad99b3: Add PPP interface description to mpd config. Fixes #11959
01:45 PM pfSense Bug #12023: Mobile IPsec NAT/BINAT rules not inserted into pf rule set
Applied in changeset commit:99f957fe21d514f9b2bb945fb07c0277df210d03.
01:45 PM pfSense Bug #12041: Certmanager shows incorrect DN for imported UTF8 certificates
Applied in changeset commit:8abff49b82f6a8ee143cf10f939ed6ca2ad3d4d7.
01:42 PM pfSense Revision c2c11dcf: Interpret numeric-only addresses as invalid in is_hostname(). Fixes #12000
01:39 PM pfSense Revision 99f957fe: Insert Mobile IPsec NAT/BINAT rules into pf rule set. Fixes #12023

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