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09:05 AM pfSense Regression #11565: NAT timeouts not saved
08:50 AM pfSense Regression #11565 (Pull Request Review): NAT timeouts not saved
In system -> advanced -> Firewall & NAT
UDP timeouts are not saved. Sometimes after setting, they show up correctl...
08:37 AM pfSense Regression #11564: swanctl always contains users eap/psk keys
08:07 AM pfSense Regression #11564 (Pull Request Review): swanctl always contains users eap/psk keys
/var/etc/ipsec/swanctl.conf always contains users eap/psk keys:...
06:39 AM pfSense Regression #11555: IPsec peer ID of "Any" is not working consistently
05:33 AM pfSense Bug #11541: OpenVPN status does not work properly when set to TCP and Concurrent Connections = 1
Ryan Fitton wrote:
> Also, I should mention when running 'nc -U /var/etc/openvpn/server2/sock' in TCP mode; it takes...
05:19 AM pfSense Bug #11548: "rule expands to no valid combination" error from port forward automatic rule mixing IPv4 and IPv6 elements
still unable to reproduce, works fine for me (pppoe0 is vtnet2 with DHCP6):...
03:37 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11449: BIND fails during/after upgrade to 21.02/2.50
manual installation of the latest BIND version fixes the issue:...
02:00 AM pfSense Regression #11561: Cisco AVPair doesn't parse {clientip}
01:51 AM pfSense Regression #11561 (Pull Request Review): Cisco AVPair doesn't parse {clientip}
Template variable "{clientip}" that is replaced with the connecting clients VPN IP (#9206) is not parsed:...

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