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07:15 PM pfSense Bug #11946: AutoConfigBackup schedule custom hour value lost on page load
Jim Pingle wrote:
> When ACB is set to use a schedule on @services_acb_settings.php@, a the hour value from config.x...


03:02 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11763: Traffic graphs refresh issue
Unable to reproduce on 21.02.2
02:01 PM pfSense Bug #11852: State table content on ``diag_dump_states.php`` does not sort properly
JohnPoz _ wrote:
> Not sure if bug or regression. But Columns in the diag_dump_states.php will not sort
> You ...


09:08 PM pfSense Bug #11428: CPU details are incorrect in the System Information widget after resetting log files
Bearny B. wrote:
> Bearny B. wrote:
> > Some CPU Type information disappear after reset the log files under Status....
09:03 PM pfSense Bug #11469: Pfsense 2.5.0 not working with Generation 2 Hyper-V VM
Marcos Mendoza wrote:
> Given the ZFS error, this actually may be the following issue:
> https://redmine.pfsense.or...


08:32 PM pfSense Bug #11691: WireGuard MSS Clamping and TCP traffic issues after reboot.
Should this be closed out considering WireGuard is being pulled?
08:30 PM pfSense Bug #11709: Crash in 2.5.1.r.20210320.0824
Kristian Krautwald wrote:
> Crash report begins. Anonymous machine information:
> amd64
> 12.2-STABLE
> FreeBSD ...


10:01 PM pfSense Plus Bug #11673: Thermal Sensors Non-functional on SG-3100
Kris Phillips wrote:
> The Dashboard Widget for the SG-3100 showing the thermal sensor information gets stuck on "Up...
10:00 PM pfSense Regression #11524: Using SHA1 or SHA256 with AES-NI may fail if AES-NI attempts to accelerate hashing
Jim Pingle wrote:
> Based on at least one report, it appears AES-NI on Plus 21.02/2.5.0 has an issue with SHA-256 an...


04:29 PM pfSense Docs Correction #9608: Feedback on Virtualization — Virtualizing pfSense with Hyper-V
Fred Bergeron wrote:
> *Page:*
> *Fe...

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