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01:49 PM pfSense Todo #7689 (Closed): bsdinstall does not automatically copy config.xml from USB drive like the previous installer
Scott Long


05:09 PM pfSense Regression #11316: Unbound crashing with signal 11
We're reverting to unbound 1.12 in order to restore stability. We have to backport at least one CVE for it, so it's ... Scott Long


05:59 PM pfSense Plus Regression #11444 (In Progress): SG-3100 doesn't pass traffic after upgrade to 21.02
Scott Long
05:56 PM pfSense Plus Regression #11444: SG-3100 doesn't pass traffic after upgrade to 21.02
There is a fix that passes my testing here:
The above patch is for FreeBSD H...
Scott Long
05:57 PM pfSense Plus Bug #11466: PHP exit with sig 11 on SG-3100
I don't think that this is related to Scott Long

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