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pfSense Manager 03/19/2015
Bootstrap Manager 08/18/2015
pfSense Docs Manager 08/09/2018
pfSense Packages Manager 03/19/2015
pfSense Plus Manager 01/29/2021



04:16 PM pfSense Revision 13867d26: Revert commit test
Steve Beaver
03:50 PM pfSense Revision d75ea195: Commit test
Steve Beaver
09:35 AM pfSense Revision 373fdb53: Revert "move firewall functions to include file"
This reverts commit a5a4cf87eeacfaf922151ce356fca1eee53762eb Steve Beaver
09:03 AM pfSense Revision afbdf4d0: Merge branch 'mvc_refactor' into certmanager_MVC
Steve Beaver
08:17 AM pfSense Revision 46bd32bb: Revert "Certmanager mvc"
This reverts commit 033c3ae82d20ca5760ed483cf8d0c947764b2371 Steve Beaver
07:49 AM pfSense Revision 033c3ae8: Certmanager mvc
Steve Beaver


10:46 AM pfSense Revision f88e9309: Parse cert by passing index rather than cert.
Steve Beaver
09:20 AM pfSense Revision cd9c8e55: Initial refactoring of system_certmanager
Steve Beaver


01:49 PM pfSense Revision 620ef850: Ui3 bandwidth
Steve Beaver


09:09 AM pfSense Regression #11512: DHCP Leases page and ARP table page fail to load if DNS is not available
We don't yet know if this issue affects Plus. No reports originating from that version have been observed. Steve Beaver

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