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08:04 AM pfSense Bug #9407: Update jQuery to current version (3.3.1 or later)
Updating to version 3.4.1 is straightforward but we also use jQuery-UI which needs to be kept in step. Unfortunately ...


01:25 PM pfSense Revision e8a1e9e1: Provide optional "enable" argument to enable/disable form submit button
10:35 AM pfSense Bug #9785 (Feedback): ACB permits manual backup attempt when disabled
Applied in changeset commit:ce9eb0fb8db618f652fc1598d17c63f2f2d80c41.
10:28 AM pfSense Revision ce9eb0fb: Fixed #9785
10:19 AM pfSense Bug #9785 (Feedback): ACB permits manual backup attempt when disabled
* curl should be set to require cert verification
* Error log message refers to obsolete package
* Comment specifie...


10:36 AM pfSense Revision 5725f53c: Make factory test case insensitive
(cherry picked from commit 552a41fbd37aa61f50e62f29876485c9775345cc)
10:36 AM pfSense Revision e553d3d0: Revise update check to provide a more consistent version string, and to provide it in JSON format
(cherry picked from commit 819165020041ee46f423a7ead5aca855dac28cdb)
10:35 AM pfSense Revision 3184695e: Fixed #9693
Allow ACB to be suppressed by including magic string in the backup description
Transmit max number of manual backups ...
10:35 AM pfSense Revision de209dea: Fixed #9687
Remove all referenes to legact/Gold ABC system
(cherry picked from commit f01c09914d50618b29f17853d4a69ed6973330cd)
10:34 AM pfSense Revision aa08527d: Fixed #9586 by detecting if option list includes /0 or not
(cherry picked from commit 7ec80e763f7e8357a4e5b0d2d57546cfd5d0f0f0)

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