Steve Beaver





08:51 AM pfSense Revision 5baf07c8: Simplify schedule validation
(cherry picked from commit bb7cabdb20e7bad06263d5b3888c71415d6861c1)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision 4bc2dab8: Disable display of Diagnostics->AutoConfigBackup menu item if config is restored from pfSense < 2.4.4
Fixed #8959
(cherry picked from commit 245bfa559b5d8ebcb13b21feceaa58257ee194da)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision 613fa52d: Add top buttons if table > 24 rows
(cherry picked from commit e7299fd8c5ad6998aab372dc40f033f1dcb8d605)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision 96101eb4: Fix German translation error. Also fixed in Zanata
(cherry picked from commit 84dc4a557c911d0a53a861d66021ff7f65400e87)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision 050599fa: Fixed #9002 - PPPoE Service Name may contain ':'
(cherry picked from commit dac4cd09699bdafa5bcf1cf7b699438e5f669b26)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision bf6a27e4: Fix typo in error msg
(cherry picked from commit c921665902c0a0bccd2376437a1ab1118009f86f)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision 1b1aef35: Default ACB schedule to every day at midnight
(cherry picked from commit ebbc9e97a62464650684033df7f9cd7c3d32e609)
08:50 AM pfSense Revision b35a897b: Added scheduled config backup
Fixed: #8947
(cherry picked from commit a1aa91dec887ba929be08c993170803396a669b2)


01:46 PM pfSense Bug #8452 (Closed): PPPoE :: Interfaces > WAN: [PPPoE Configuration] Service name :: colon not allowed (invalid character)


08:25 AM pfSense Bug #8959: Restoring a <2.4.4 config with legacy gold auto backup package re-adds the menu option under Diagnostics
Applied in changeset commit:245bfa559b5d8ebcb13b21feceaa58257ee194da.

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