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12:57 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9181 (New): Spelling error in gwled package (0.2.4_1)
At Interfaces > Gateway Status LEDs, periodic is misspelled as ...


03:22 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9176 (Closed): Spelling error in Acme package (0.3.2_4)
At Services > Acme Certificates > General settings, under Cron Entry, successful is misspelled as ...


01:40 PM pfSense Bug #9121: PHP array reference Cleanup
Tested the DNS forwarder configuration that threw the php issue (, on ...
12:02 PM pfSense Bug #8937 (Resolved): LAGG shows wrong ether address
Tested on 2.4.5.a.20181120.0754 gitsync'd to master, works as expected. Lists ether and hwaddr.
11:57 AM pfSense Feature #9001: Add checkbox to disable SSL peer verification for SMTP notifications
On 2.4.5.a.20181120.0754, feature is present. However, without a misconfigured email server, I can't tell if the feat...


05:05 PM pfSense Bug #9098 (Resolved): Default CRL lifetime of 9999 rolls over at 2038 on ARM
Tested on 2.4.5.a.20181116.1325, works as expected.
09:00 PM pfSense Bug #9071: Package restore after fresh install can fail, claiming packages do not exist
Cannot reproduce on oldest or newest available 2.4.x snapshots. Looks like the issue is no longer present.
07:19 PM pfSense Bug #9083 (Resolved): Config upgrade issue with empty IPsec P1
Tested on 2.4.4, was able to reproduce the bad behavior. Tested on 2.4.5.a.20181116.1325 and the behavior could not b...


11:01 AM pfSense Bug #9100 (Resolved): CA/Cert valid end dates after 2038 are blank on ARM
11:01 AM pfSense Bug #9100: CA/Cert valid end dates after 2038 are blank on ARM
Certificate and CA created with lifetime 7300 which did not properly show the end date in 2.4.4, showed the date fine...

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