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11:09 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10994 (New): SquidGuard Blacklists Restore Default button does not work
If SquidGuard/Blacklists Blacklist Update field is empty then clicking Restore Default restores nothing and generates...


05:48 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10775 (Feedback): pfblockerNG SBL_ADs and hpHosts are not reachable anymore
Following entries of pfblockerNG pkg are not reachable for a long time, we have some tickets and also I can see some ...


05:41 AM pfSense Feature #10732 (New): Warning banner for secondary HA node
It would be good if the secondary HA node has a banner with a warning all management actions have to be performed on ...
05:38 AM pfSense Feature #10731 (New): XML-sync primary/secondary config flag
To prevent XML-sync misconfiguring on a HA cluster, it would be good to make a config flag that can be used for disti...


11:17 AM pfSense Feature #10645 (New): Choosing active repo after restoring config but before starting pkgs auto-installing
The current behavior is if a certain repo is set, config contains an entry for this, like @<pkg_repo_conf_path>/usr/l...


08:24 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10503 (New): Flapping any GW in multi-WAN influences restating all IPsec tunnels in FRR which leads to dropping all IPsec VTI static routes and related BGP issues
There are 2 nodes with a multi-WAN setup: 2 WANs, 2 Gateways. The are 2 IPsec VTI tunnel every working through its ow...


02:39 AM pfSense Docs Correction #10371 (Resolved): Update flow control tuning doc for chelsio
It would be good to add into Flow Contol section of


07:08 AM pfSense Feature #10290 (New): Firewall Aliases Add button on top of list
It would be good if we one more Add button would add on top of list. If adding new aliases happens often, then Add on...


11:50 PM pfSense Bug #10281 (Not a Bug): I can unassign interface even if it is used in FRR OSPF
There was IPsec VTI tunnel with assigned interface. The interface was used in FRR OSPF settings as OSPF interface. If...


11:29 PM pfSense Bug #10184: Shaper Add Child Scheduler options Codel wrong description link
current link is

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