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09:18 PM pfSense Feature #9911: Show confirmation box before disconnecting PPPoE
Hi Jim.
I've applied the patch and I'm happy to confirm that yes, it works perfectly!
I like the fact it's now RED ...


03:05 PM pfSense Feature #9911: Show confirmation box before disconnecting PPPoE
Unsure if it's appropriate to say "Thanks" in the bugtracker, but *thanks!!* Especially for such a prompt patch. App...
12:11 AM pfSense Feature #9911 (Feedback): Show confirmation box before disconnecting PPPoE
The *Status->Interfaces* page (_status_interfaces.php_) is very useful for showing Interface details.
On systems tha...


03:38 PM pfSense Bug #9572: uPNP not working - miniupnpd needs an update, reporting "interface index not matching", which has been fixed upstream
@[2.4.4-RELEASE][]/var/log: cat /etc/version.patch
[2.4.4-RELEASE][]/var/log: pkg info | gr...


05:35 PM pfSense Bug #9390: diag_backup.php: Backup output generation failure with CSRF script tag inserted into XML
I can't reproduce this.
[2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64)
built on Wed Dec 12 07:40:18 EST 2018
FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p6...


02:59 PM pfSense Bug #9351: need option for repeated DHCP retries
"propose you add an option to keep retrying DHCP renews on the WAN when the gateway becomes inaccessible." - Based on...


02:07 AM pfSense Bug #8463: Performance Regression in 2.4.3 under KVM
In the end I moved to FQ_CODEL so this ticket, while probably still an issue, can be closed.


05:32 PM pfSense Bug #9342: SSH To Public IP Of pfSense Router Bricks Firewall Until Restart On XG-7100
I would suggest moving this to the forums. This certainly isn't a common/reproducible bug otherwise we'd all be stuf...


02:42 PM pfSense Bug #9326: Clearing states for specific IP won't work
Everyone can just guess which version you're reporting this against?


04:27 PM pfSense Bug #9059: Update Unbound to 1.8.1
Ben Hohendorf wrote:
> As per my thread on reddit,

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