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Dynamic DNS issue with multiple Dyndns-Entries

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Dynamic DNS
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Hello Community / Developer Team,

first of all: you are doing a great job and I really like what you have done so far!

I switched to pfsene a few days ago: Right now I am using the 2.0-BETA4 (i386) built on Sun Nov 14 16:48:36 EST 2010 but I also have tried the 64bit version an found the same behaviour.

In my setup I have two seperate dyndns-accounts which have to be updated each time after the pppoe-reconnect. Somehow, for the first of the two it always succeeds while the second one always stays the old IP. I can update that one manually by editing the entry and save after a modification (enable/disable)

Both accounts are configured the same (, dynamic update, no mx).

After a lot of time I figured out, that the IP which is compared to the WAN-interface is obviously stored in a temporary file. Since for both accounts the same file is used as a reference to check if the account needs to be updated or not the second account always is not being updated by the system.
It compares wan to the file and recognizes, that there is nothing to do. However in the GUI it shows up with the correct IP but when I try to reach my services it wont work on the second dyndns-alias.

There is a workaround by usinge "dyndns dynamic" for the first and "dyndns static" for the second dyndns-alias. Then two files are used/written/compared and everything works fine. But I guess it is not as it should be. Perhaps this hint helps other people two. I nearly went crazy with that.

With best regards


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