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10:45 AM pfSense Revision 8d058e79: Exclude non-qualified hostnames from hosts file. Ticket #6064


01:33 AM pfSense Bug #6637 (Confirmed): pfSense blocks return traffic (mostly TCP) on 2.3.1-RELEASE-p5
There is a known fix for this on PR 207598 that should be easy to import.
all FreeBSD 10.x base versions affected
12:47 AM pfSense Bug #6653 (Not a Bug): DNS Forvarder dont worked Host Overrides
that's not true, they work fine. Please post to the forum for assistance.
10:50 PM pfSense Feature #6651: Loopback interfaces
I'm curious, what use case do you have for additional lo* interfaces?
10:10 PM pfSense Feature #6651: Loopback interfaces
you can already do that with virtual IPs on localhost. That doesn't allow cloning lo0 to lo1, though I don't think an...
09:11 PM pfSense Feature #6651: Loopback interfaces
manipulate loopback interfaces in what way? You can already set static routes to lo0 to null route, and add VIPs on l...


08:30 PM pfSense Todo #6647 (New): Enable Additional Security Headers
The nginx instance for the web GUI should enable CSP. Just adding the following works: ...


05:03 PM pfSense Bug #6646 (Resolved): "Reject leases from" on interfaces.php only accepts IPs
"Reject leases from" on interfaces.php only accepts IP addresses. It should also accept subnets in CIDR notation.
11:05 PM pfSense Bug #6640 (Feedback): DHCPv6 Server Time Format Change Reversed
merged, thanks Phil
11:03 PM pfSense Revision 011a15a0: Merge pull request #3079 from phil-davis/patch-2

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