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DHCP lease view by interface

Added by Ciro Maretto 12 months ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Improve view: Group customers by interface.


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The leases are not tracked by interface, so this is not easily possible. Others have requested similar things in the past like filtering or grouping clients but there are several problems here:

1. As mentioned above, the lease database only holds address information, not interface information. We could infer some of that from the config, subnets/pools present on interfaces, etc, but it isn't a perfect solution.
2. Grouping by subnet/pool would be too granular since multiple pools could be on the same interface, though some people may want to filter per pool, some would want to filter by anything on an interface, so it would need to support both types of views.
3. As the lease database grows, this would scale poorly. It would consume more and more memory and CPU time to correlate all of the entries, so it would need to be optional and off by default.

So while it is likely possible, there is a lot of work involved.

2.4.5 adds searching to the list, which may eliminate some of the need for this, but it doesn't offer all of the same benefits.

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