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08:11 AM pfSense Packages Feature #9742: Print Patch ID in log while patching
The sshguard log message wouldn't be related.
I see logs for manual patching and reverting, but no log messages wh...
07:46 AM pfSense Bug #9744: fatal error if ECDH Curve not default
I pushed an update in commit:ca3cddbec4 to change the OpenVPN curve list to match IPsec
07:44 AM pfSense Revision ca3cddbe: Update OpenVPN EC list based on testing. Issue #9744
07:38 AM pfSense Revision 809e196a: CDATA escape more auth-related fields. Fixes #9327
(cherry picked from commit 327ad811aa5f965ba805ea78f879c759ca0fdafa)
07:35 AM pfSense Revision df1de4df: Correct VTI IPv6 test and syntax. Fixes #9801
(cherry picked from commit 1d9fbb716543110ac245e2749f8c06fc77480a77)
07:35 AM pfSense Bug #9801 (Resolved): VTI IPv6 addresses don't get assigned
Thanks for testing!


04:43 PM pfSense Bug #9212 (Not a Bug): OpenVPN Client can't connect over IPv6 in "multihome"
OK, that does sound more like an OpenVPN or config issue.
03:40 PM pfSense Feature #9884 (Feedback): Add support for OpenVPN --x509-username-field
Applied in changeset commit:efe83ab95d64d8d364d8a210d709fa49a551e718.
03:32 PM pfSense Feature #9884: Add support for OpenVPN --x509-username-field
I'm not seeing any negative effects to enabling that build option, so it should be fine for testing.
03:31 PM pfSense Revision efe83ab9: Enable OpenVPN x509-alt-username build option. Fixes #9884

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