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02:08 PM pfSense Bug #4031 (Feedback): Notifications mail bomb in some gateway failure circumstances
PR 3768 was merged a while back and it's working well. Could use some additional testing/feedback but it looks good t...
02:05 PM pfSense Bug #6318 (Resolved): IPsec dashboard widget causes GUI failure
This appears to be fixed by other changes to the IPsec status code in recent versions. No new reports of this being c...
02:02 PM pfSense Packages Bug #6690 (Feedback): SURICATA IPS Issue - Kills VLANS & Traffic Shaper
Still waiting on feedback/new testing on current versions of pfSense and suricata
01:59 PM pfSense Bug #6848 (Feedback): Do not create an IPv4/6 gateway for an interface without according IPv4/6 a...
PR was merged several weeks ago
01:57 PM pfSense Bug #7079 (Feedback): ClamAV C-ICAP causing Kernel Panic and System Crash
Still waiting on testing/confirmation feedback on a current version
01:50 PM pfSense Bug #7439 (Feedback): IKE_SA (IKEv2) does not rekey on break before make startegy, just issues IK...
We need confirmation that this is still a problem on current versions of strongSwan
01:30 PM pfSense Todo #8245 (Feedback): use delayed compression for sshd
Applied in changeset commit:4cad9a5bd1666c9bd5ce32b82f9b897dbbe5a5bf.
01:27 PM pfSense Bug #7735: Switching to wildcard cert fails until reboot
I don't have access to a wildcard certificate to verify this but it's unlikely to be related. Changing a certificate ...
01:23 PM pfSense Bug #7634: When restoring from USB during install, if the config file contains RRD data, the fina...
FYI- The PFI/Restore feature was put back in the installer, but this RRD issue likely still persists. It needs retest...
01:21 PM pfSense Bug #7607 (Resolved): Chelsio T4/T5 CXGBE drivers not loaded as ALTq capable in the PfSense UI
Fixed in commit:0ea7b83e8e976469c926140af76a2d29ab0f57a6
See also: #6830

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