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03:48 PM pfSense Docs New Content #15278 (Rejected): Switch from IPv4 to IPv6 + Add IPv6 capability to exist IPv4-only configuration
We already add IPv6 content where we can over time, but the current state of ISPs/servers (especially in the US, wher... Jim Pingle
03:45 PM pfSense Feature #15276: Support JSON content for URL type firewall aliases
Not a bug, it's a feature request.
Not sure how viable it would be as there isn't really a standard for that and w...
Jim Pingle
03:43 PM pfSense Bug #15275 (Needs Patch): 56 GbE on Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards not functioning properly
That would be up to FreeBSD to add support for those cards/modes - If you try them on a stock FreeBSD 14 installation... Jim Pingle
03:34 PM pfSense Bug #15279 (Duplicate): When deleting phase 1 ipsec removes phase 2 of the other VPN's in the GUI and loses communication
Duplicate of #15171 Jim Pingle


06:50 PM pfSense Plus Todo #15266: Force user to change password
Moving this so it only gets applied to Plus, since Plus is the only version for appliances where those restrictions h... Jim Pingle
03:03 PM pfSense Bug #15269 (Duplicate): DHCP static ARP entries are not static
Duplicate of #14970 Jim Pingle
02:56 PM pfSense Bug #15268 (Not a Bug): Network Prefix Translation (NPt) not properly translating the prefix for unsolicited inbound connections
You cannot map multiple internal prefixes to the same external prefix. As you see only the first one will work proper... Jim Pingle
02:53 PM pfSense Bug #15043 (Resolved): IGMP proxy works intermittently
Jim Pingle


11:20 PM pfSense Plus Todo #15266: Force user to change password
Not only are there more and more stories about equipment being compromised due to default passwords and being wide op... Jim Pingle
06:53 PM pfSense Plus Todo #15266 (New): Force user to change password
Currently we detect in the GUI when the admin account is using the default password (@"pfsense"@) and print a warning... Jim Pingle

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