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06:08 PM pfSense Bug #8648 (Resolved): php dynamic dns status widget error
05:57 PM pfSense Bug #8658 (Resolved): Bridge Route Gateway section shows empty undere OpenVPN settings
05:11 PM pfSense Bug #8381 (Resolved): Cert manager requires fields that aren't necessary
05:08 PM pfSense Bug #8664 (Resolved): DynamicDNS client does not use custom check IP service
01:20 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8449 (Resolved): FRR 4.0 zebra daemon crashes
This looks good with FRR 5.0.1. zebra is still running, no crashes, I'm getting routes from BGP and OSPF
01:11 PM pfSense Bug #8653 (Feedback): Spurious HA XMLRPC Sync Error after move to PHP7
I can't reproduce this on current snapshots after fixing some PHP errors. It's possible this was from the secondary e...
01:08 PM pfSense Revision b1e7a0b0: Fix PHP7 error due to lack of int casting for gateway weight when making rules.
01:07 PM pfSense Revision b2c97ede: Fix PHP7 array issue in array_merge_recursive_unique()
12:19 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8476 (Feedback): OpenVPN Client Export TLS Key Direction Directive Location
Done in v1.4.16, will be in snapshots shortly.
12:19 PM pfSense Packages Todo #8671 (Feedback): Add "V83" to Yealink T38G (2) download label
Done in v1.4.16, will be in snapshots shortly.

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