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03:37 PM pfSense Bug #9281 (Resolved): ZFS encrypted+mirrored swap may not be activated on 2.4.4-p2
Thanks for testing!
03:36 PM pfSense Docs Correction #8865 (Rejected): Feedback on Networking Concepts — IPv6 — IPv6 Subnetting
You have misread what the page is stating. The table is primarily to indicate the enormity of the IPv6 space.
03:31 PM pfSense Docs Correction #8853 (Resolved): [feedback form] Explain what 0:0 means
Added info to that page. ICMP doesn't have state levels like other protocols, so it's really just a placeholder. Does...
03:05 PM pfSense Docs Correction #9287 (Resolved): Feedback on The pfSense Book
Fix committed
11:11 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8613: pfSense-pkg-acme: acme_certificates_edit.php - Add support for --challenge-alias flag
I added a checkbox to use challenge-domain instead of challenge-alias in ACME pkg version 0.5.2
11:11 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8211 (Feedback): ACME cron job <- log activity
Fixed in ACME pkg version 0.5.2
Cron job output is now redirected to the main system log.
10:41 AM pfSense Packages Bug #9279 (Duplicate): security/acme: acme pf sense package processes unnecessary notifications due to using stdout
This will be solved by the fix for #8211 so I'm marking this as a duplicate for now.
09:36 AM pfSense Bug #9284 (Duplicate): no default gateway after upgrade to 2.4.4_p2 using gateway group
Duplicate of #9004
09:24 AM pfSense Bug #3334: Status/Traffic Graph isn't IPv6 ready
Daryl Morse wrote:
> As I mentioned, I emailed the author of rate. He replied this morning and confirmed that he is ...
09:20 AM pfSense Bug #9283 (Feedback): Not obvious that HA sync will still sync certs if cert sync disabled but OpenVPN sync enabled
Applied in changeset commit:9f3b87d898e1fa8a5bfa40758e5747515cc38ad4.

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