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02:28 PM pfSense Bug #14212 (Rejected): Using limiters and VLANs crashes with kernel panic
Bug reports must be for the current version or snapshots, not outdated releases. It's entirely possible this has alre... Jim Pingle
07:17 AM pfSense Bug #14212 (Incomplete): Using limiters and VLANs crashes with kernel panic
What version are you using?
Can you replicate the problem on development snapshots?
At a minimum we are going t...
Jim Pingle
07:58 AM pfSense Regression #14164 (Feedback): IPv6 interface configuration race condition can lead to kernel panic
Let's keep this in a feedback state for a bit so we can confirm it's fixed in snapshots.
Jim Pingle
07:46 AM pfSense Todo #14210: Proposed new Icons for Logs to make for more logical reading
I'm open to changing the icons but personally I don't find either of those any better/worse than the current icons.
Jim Pingle
07:22 AM pfSense Todo #14209 (Closed): TZdata update to 2023c
This was merged in yesterday when we synced the tree with upstream and should be in today's snapshots.
Jim Pingle
07:16 AM pfSense Feature #14213 (Rejected): Set range for random Gateway and network used for OpenVPN connections
The address assigned to a client is set by the server to which it connects or set static in the tunnel network field.... Jim Pingle
07:14 AM pfSense Todo #14215 (Closed): Redmine - Add CE to pfSense 2.6.0/2.7.0 Repo names for clarity
We can consider that for future versions but changing existing ones can have some unintended side effects.
Given t...
Jim Pingle


02:45 PM pfSense Docs New Content #14170 (Closed): Radius Authentication Timeout
Note added and deployed: Jim Pingle
12:23 PM pfSense Docs Todo #14187 (Closed): Feedback on Certificate Management — Certificate Revocation List Management
Though the existing text states that they should check if it's in use and remove it from use before deleting, I added... Jim Pingle
11:35 AM pfSense Plus Bug #14206 (Rejected): package manager broken
This site is not for support or diagnostic discussion.
For assistance in solving problems, please post on the "Net...
Jim Pingle

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