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10:01 AM pfSense Feature #10318 (Pull Request Review): Do not restart PPPoE server after adding/modifying users
09:11 AM pfSense Packages Feature #10897 (Pull Request Review): SNMPV3-trap/inform Add Snmpv3 trap/inform Field
09:09 AM pfSense Feature #10910 (Pull Request Review): Backup/restore DHCP v4/v6 leases
08:57 AM pfSense Bug #10925: PHP: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /etc/inc/ on line 2640
That's line 2640 on factory and line 2624 on CE.
The foreach() here:...
08:26 AM pfSense Bug #10155 (Resolved): sshguard is not compatible with RFC 5424 log format
This looks good now, thanks!...
08:20 AM pfSense Packages Feature #10789: FRR integrated configuration and hitless reloads
Steve Wheeler wrote:
> The console hung at 'Writing configuration...' at boot after the update requiring me to Ctl+C...


03:26 PM pfSense Bug #10861 (Resolved): value set in loader.conf not respected on latest snapshot
I've upgraded a few systems and they all came through OK. Had the wrong value before upgrade and expected value after.
03:11 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10917: snort: invalid pidfile suffix error
03:10 PM pfSense Packages Bug #10917 (Pull Request Review): snort: invalid pidfile suffix error
03:05 PM pfSense Feature #6324 (Closed): Improve IKEv2 multiple traffic selector per SA configuration GUI
There is no need for a separate option here. If you check Split Connections it does the right thing on 2.5.0.
It m...

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