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02:37 PM pfSense Bug #9781 (Feedback): Fix IPsec VTI interface creation logic
There is a logic error when creating VTI interfaces. Per Renato, "The logic was reversed, it must use @and@"
See a...
02:35 PM pfSense Bug #9780 (Feedback): PHP warning in diag_dump_states.php
@for@ statement usage syntax is causing a PHP error in diag_dump_states.php
This is already fixed, adding issue fo...
02:33 PM pfSense Bug #9779 (Feedback): Dynamic DNS class constructor uses deprecated function name
Fix Dynamic DNS class constructor name so it does not use the class name, PHP is deprecating support for that usage.
02:31 PM pfSense Bug #9778 (Feedback): Inconsistent update check results
Revise update check to provide a more consistent version string in JSON format & make factory test case insensitive
07:37 AM pfSense Bug #9744: fatal error if ECDH Curve not default
Looks like
The initial title of the bug mentions FIPS but later ...


01:04 PM pfSense Bug #6263 (Resolved): Encryption options for every P2 on a given P1 are written to each P2 individually inside ipsec.conf with multiple P2 entries + split conn entries
This looks good to me, duplicate items are no longer present.
12:54 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9773 (Duplicate): pimd to replace IGMP Proxy
Duplicate of #9555
11:35 AM pfSense Packages Feature #9545 (Feedback): Enable MULTIPATH in FRR
Applied in changeset pfsense:commit:1836b0c237efdf9bf2ce9fab798f2718f0fd6028.
11:27 AM pfSense Revision 1836b0c2: Enable Multipath in FRR 7. Implements #9545
10:52 AM pfSense Bug #9747 (Pull Request Review): IPSec widget - Missing escape of domain backslash

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