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08:21 AM pfSense Bug #8105 (Duplicate): Traffic Shaper on VLan, not work.
Duplicate of #8007 - already fixed in 2.4.2
06:27 AM pfSense Bug #8104 (Rejected): Pfsense 2.4.1
Not nearly enough information here to form a valid bug report. Please post on the forum, mailing list, or reddit to d...


12:36 PM pfSense Bug #8097 (Resolved): Captive Portal RADIUS bw_up/bw_down can feed a non-integer value to ipfw, r...
10:34 AM pfSense Bug #8098 (Resolved): interfaces_ppps_edit.php: Link paramter fields (bandwidth, mtu, mru, mrru) ...
08:32 AM pfSense Bug #7896 (Resolved): picture_widget.php
Looks good now, thanks!


03:43 PM pfSense Bug #1698 (Resolved): IPSec tunnel from CARP backup interface
03:43 PM pfSense Bug #1943 (Closed): PPPoE won't reconnect after link loss when using vr(4) NICs on certain ISPs only
This bug was specific to vr(4) and the only major platform using vr(4) NICs is 32-bit only, which is no longer suppor...
03:40 PM pfSense Bug #6200 (Not a Bug): LACP with em driver does not work with cisco active lacp setup
This is working fine on current versions and no additional feedback. Closing.
03:39 PM pfSense Bug #6206 (Resolved): Default icmp6 pass-rules are added even when ipv6 is "disabled" by user
03:38 PM pfSense Bug #6344 (Resolved): Firewall rules being deleted when separators are added

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