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07:23 AM pfSense Bug #9113: pfsense to google cloud (VTI problem)
The issue was not properly defined and we need to discuss the issue to find out more about it before jumping straight...
07:08 AM pfSense Bug #9113 (Rejected): pfsense to google cloud (VTI problem)
It doesn't sound like that has anything at all to do with Google, so the description/subject may be completely inaccu...
06:39 AM pfSense Bug #9112 (Rejected): hosts corrupted
That is almost certainly a hardware/disk issue. Most likely the filesystem is corrupt and needs fsck run a few times ...


02:27 PM pfSense Feature #9111 (Assigned): Add IPsec VTI interface MTU support
Currently, IPsec VTI interfaces have no special handling for MTU. It is possible to nudge it manually after the syste...
01:42 PM pfSense Bug #8489 (Feedback): DHCPv6 Client Failure to Initialize with "Do not wait for RA"
So this is working OK now?
If so, we can close it out, or mark it as a duplicate of #9019 if the root cause was id...
01:41 PM pfSense Bug #8235: The browser must support cookies to login
Does the same thing happen with an incognito/private mode browser session that has never visited that firewall before...
01:26 PM pfSense Revision 7ae4aa71: Remove outdated 'Gold' reference from
(cherry picked from commit 360737f6345e376f2de6d2810a1f345a018480e5)
01:25 PM pfSense Revision 360737f6: Remove outdated 'Gold' reference from
01:25 PM pfSense Revision 4c1b5d43: Add README.txt for issue #9104
(cherry picked from commit eb6a022efaa19ce146990e0e4a57e421ddbad8bb)
01:25 PM pfSense Revision eb6a022e: Add README.txt for issue #9104

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