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06:22 PM pfSense Bug #10206: VIP alias-ip's disappear from nic (caused by running ifconfig twice.?.)
The down/up loss is already covered by #8815
Might not be much to do here but wait until 2.5.x moves to a FreeBSD ...


02:49 PM pfSense Packages Feature #10202 (In Progress): redistribute bgp + route-map filtering in OSPF6
02:21 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9555: pimd package
This is now available to install on 2.4.5 and 2.5.0 snapshots, and is ready for testing.
Forum thread for feedback...
10:34 AM pfSense Bug #10203 (Rejected): some aliases entries is not loaded
There isn't enough information here. If it still happens on 2.4.5 and we can narrow down specifics, an issue can be o...
09:00 AM pfSense Bug #10195 (Resolved): radvd spamming routing log with "IPv6 forwarding on interface seems to be disabled, but continuing anyway"
Looks good here as well on CE and Factory.
07:55 AM pfSense Bug #10201 (Not a Bug): IPv6 rule is not created if only a link-local address is present
Since the interface doesn't technically have an IP address assigned here, I'm not sure it's behaving improperly. I kn...
07:28 AM pfSense Packages Bug #10197 (Pull Request Review): freeRADIUS virtual-server-default: modules daily, weekly, monthly, forever in authorize section prevent virtual server from loading


03:44 PM pfSense Bug #10200 (Pull Request Review): DHCPv6 domain-search list not sent to clients
03:43 PM pfSense Packages Feature #9555 (Feedback): pimd package
Should be available to install as a package on 2.5.0 and 2.4.5 snapshot builds soon.
03:40 PM pfSense Revision 1df15c54: Enable build of pimd pkg. Issue #9555
(cherry picked from commit 7351189a84b3029c95a649cbd23f57e886d57325)

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