Bug #12257


Route data collection method on ``diag_routes.php`` has multiple issues

Added by Jim Pingle over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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The way that route data is collected for presentation in the GUI on diag_routes.php has multiple problems, including:

  • The use of sed appears to be unnecessary, and using sed in this way without severely limiting the filtering character set is a security issue as sed commands can be used which can perform unintended actions such as overwriting files or changing the output of the command in other problematic ways
  • The AJAX request uses POST but the code allows parameters to be sent via GET instead which is unnecessary and potentially problematic (see previous point).
  • The AJAX request to fetch route data runs every 5 seconds, which seems too frequent since the route table rarely changes that fast, and the user can click the 'Update' button to trigger a manual refresh. 15 seconds seems more reasonable.
  • The data returned by AJAX includes the headers of netstat output and draws the table dynamically. As a consequence these headers lack gettext() translations, and some of the values are not ideal (e.g. output has "Mtu" instead of "MTU")
  • The table contains only some of the necessary attributes to be sortable, so sorting doesn't work as the specification is not complete.
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This has been working well, and the changes have been reviewed by the original reporter of the problem as well. See also: #12265

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