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WireGuard Utilization Status (Beyond Active Connection)

Added by Jum Pers about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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WG and pfSense are working very well together these days - thank you for the continued code and UI updates.

A feature that would be quite helpful on the SysAdmin side (for knowing when one can perform some client systems maintenance in scenarios where users can work whenever) is if, for both the WG Status page and (ideally) WG Widget (also), there was a set-able level (transfer threshold) that would indicate that a WG connection was actually being used rather than merely connected.

Perhaps this could be achieved by polling the transfer rates (RX, TX) every so many seconds (30s?) and subtracting the previous values from the present values (to see if they are above the threshold). In this way, setting a threshold for common RDP activity would provide a way of knowing whether the remote user was actively using their remote system.

Suggestion-wise, a colorized (green, yellow [optional: could be used for when close to threshold], red) icon, perhaps even just a small-to-medium sized (not-too-distracting) dot, to the right of the Peer name (or to the immediate right of the handshake icon if preferable) would do the trick. Or any such visual indicator.

Presently, it takes a lot of memorization ;) and page reloads to try to gauge which WG connections are actually being used.


WG Idea.png (21.1 KB) WG Idea.png Jum Pers, 12/22/2021 08:35 PM
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Updated by Jum Pers about 1 year ago

Actually, perhaps it would be better if the yellow indicator could show if the WG connection was used in the previous (30s?) interval.

(Sometimes a user may read something on their screen for 30 seconds without scrolling, but most users tend to do some interaction with their RDP sessions every 30s [perhaps to enable various usage scenarios, the polling interval could be a setting {just one for all connections would be fine}].)

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Updated by Jum Pers about 1 year ago

Just idea-wise, another representation option attached (which does not need to worry about thresholds) though implementation may be more complex (and would require some space considerations).

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