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pfSense Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
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pfSense Docs Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Packages Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Plus Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021



03:36 PM pfSense Bug #12715 (New): Long system startup time when LDAP is configured and unavailable during startup.
# Currently if LDAP is unavailable at system startup, several LDAP queries have to timeout before the system will pro... Christian McDonald


01:27 PM pfSense Docs New Content #12681 (Pull Request Review): WireGuard Site-to-Multisite Recipe
MR: Christian McDonald
01:20 PM pfSense Docs New Content #12681 (Closed): WireGuard Site-to-Multisite Recipe
Adds new recipe for WireGuard site-to-multisite configurations. Christian McDonald


08:31 AM pfSense Regression #12605: ``diag_dump_states.php`` no longer filters by rule ID
For interested parties, the issue was caused by network byte order backpedaling being moved into libpfctl for state e... Christian McDonald
08:19 AM pfSense Regression #12605 (Feedback): ``diag_dump_states.php`` no longer filters by rule ID
Christian McDonald


05:44 PM pfSense Regression #12605: ``diag_dump_states.php`` no longer filters by rule ID
MR: Christian McDonald


01:50 PM pfSense Feature #11790 (Rejected): Support hiding interface groups via special tag
Closing in response to discussion in the github merge request. Christian McDonald
01:43 PM pfSense Bug #11494 (Rejected): Wireguard interface sends ICMP Redirect when routing between two peers
Unable to replicate.
We can revisit if someone can demonstrate that this issue is still valid.
Christian McDonald


11:55 AM pfSense Bug #11285 (Closed): Kernel crash on ALTQ-enabled wg interfaces
The current validation logic in traffic shaper prevents enabling traffic shaping on tun_wgN interfaces built by the W... Christian McDonald
11:41 AM pfSense Bug #11613 (Rejected): Pushing WireGuard traffic out a specific GW using static routes requires a reboot to revert.
This is no longer an issue. Christian McDonald

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