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pfSense Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
Bootstrap Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Docs Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Packages Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Plus Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021



05:37 PM pfSense Plus Feature #15380: During upgrade Process GUI timeouts still occur
I agree that the timeout should be paused during or restarted after performing the upgrade. Christian McDonald


08:54 PM pfSense Revision 2f30e7a9: register_all_installed_packages: introduce option
Christian McDonald


11:55 PM pfSense Regression #14930: Clean installation using Auto (ZFS) + MBR (BIOS) does not boot
This fix is in pfSense Plus currently, and will be in the next release of CE. Upstream will likely be deprecating and... Christian McDonald


01:05 AM pfSense Revision d46d5302: pfSense-boot: now just a distribution package, eliminate post-install script
Christian McDonald


03:24 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15303: dpinger service does not always switch from Pending to Online
Try this patch: Christian McDonald
02:32 AM pfSense Revision 338d722a: status_interfaces.php: make sure "{}" is expanded by PHP and not be sh
Christian McDonald
12:54 AM pfSense Packages Bug #15319: TailScale widget shows wrong status (green instead of red)
Open a feature request for a Tailscale widget.
This issue as reported is not a bug, this is just how pfSense servic...
Christian McDonald
12:45 AM pfSense Packages Bug #15319 (Not a Bug): TailScale widget shows wrong status (green instead of red)
The service status checks if the tailscaled process is running, not if it's actually logged in and connected. This is... Christian McDonald


09:40 PM pfSense Revision b8f80775: pkg_mgr_install.php: ensure pkg_switch_repo reads latest config
Christian McDonald


08:55 PM pfSense Regression #14970: Static ARP assignments lose ``permanent`` flag in ARP table
Michele D'Alessio wrote in #note-26:
> Christian McDonald wrote in #note-25:
> > We pulled in a patch that might fi...
Christian McDonald

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