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pfSense Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
Bootstrap Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Docs Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Packages Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021
pfSense Plus Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/08/2021



10:15 AM pfSense Revision 053f60e5: fix incorrect resource test in unlock()
Christian McDonald


09:36 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13932 (Not a Bug): Deprecation Message for Arpwatch
I checked the code. We are already using -w instead of -m. We could remove the pkg-message from our net-mgmt/arpwatch. Christian McDonald


03:34 PM pfSense Revision 8a2c52b0: Refactor some direct config access in sysctl
Christian McDonald
08:28 AM pfSense Plus Bug #13924: 23.01.r.20230202.1645 reports a creation date of 2022-07-01 23:36 - also have to manually add interfaces after rebooting each time.
tailscaled expects to solely own the tailscale0 interface.
pfSense is throwing an interface mismatch/change warnin...
Christian McDonald


02:23 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13920: 23.01RC - Suricata stops working after Wireguard installed
I'll have a look. Might not be this week, but definitely next week.
Christian McDonald


10:43 AM pfSense Revision 5e15b80d: composer update
Christian McDonald


03:58 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13566 (Feedback): Non-devel pfBlocker Package Broken in 2.7 CE with PHP 8.1
@security/pfSense-pkg-pfBlockerNG-devel@ has been copied to @security/pfSense-pkg-pfBlockerNG@.
The versions of bo...
Christian McDonald


09:55 AM pfSense Packages Todo #13906 (Feedback): Update tailscale from 1.34.2 to 1.36.0 Christian McDonald
09:13 AM pfSense Packages Feature #13474: Don't set ListenPort in wireguard
Good point. Will add this soon Christian McDonald
09:13 AM pfSense Packages Feature #13905 (Feedback): Introduce GUI knob for controlling ```--snat-subnet-routes``` tailscaled option Christian McDonald

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