Christian McDonald




06:27 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11892: WireGuard: dpinger does not start correctly on a WireGuard gateway at boot
Fixed internally, fix will be in next PR


12:52 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11886: WireGuard: PHP error in vpn_wg_peers_edit.php
This was resolved after the initial PR. Should be fixed in the next revision


06:58 AM pfSense Bug #11880 (Pull Request Review): Missing /0 subnet when cloning repeatable mask entry
PR :


12:04 PM pfSense Feature #11790: Support hiding interface groups via special tag


06:34 AM pfSense Bug #11586: WireGuard panic when saving many times in a row
Unable to reproduce this on the latest kmod code..and I've been quite aggressive at building and tearing down tunnels...
06:32 AM pfSense Bug #11587: WireGuard interfaces do not have data on traffic graphs
Bumping this so Renato sees it, since we are closing issues :)
05:42 AM pfSense Bug #11600: WireGuard interfaces should have MSS clamping enabled by default
This seems to no longer be a requirement, as WireGuard by design should be able to pass larger MTUs within the tunnel...
05:41 AM pfSense Bug #11339: Odd console output when WireGuard is running
Not seeing this on the latest kmod code


02:10 PM pfSense Bug #11502: WireGuard ``matchaddr failed`` kernel messages in system log
Unable to reproduce this now with latest kmod code.
09:36 AM pfSense Packages Feature #11752: WireGuard as a Package
Circling back around here
PR :

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