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Multiple Dashboard views for a single user

Added by Sergei Shablovsky about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Dear pfSense Dev Team!

Dashboard - by determination are place where results of analytics in form of charts AND/OR current states in real-time represent. And better - on one screen!

Mostly users use Dashboard as one stop shop to receive answer on certain question. Depend on level of user and type of problem they need to resolve, they need different types of Dashboard.

So, after some time of using pfSense, main Dashboard looks like a collection of bunch of widgets. And logically, we may expect there are some amount (in several cases - a lot of) of measurement/calculations and request to databases would be made before Dashboard able to display most of their widgets.
Without this bunch of information Dashboard lose their usability at all.

As a pen another one result, after login there are an a delay. Sometime - huge delay.

As a compromise solution may be ability to make several tabs in Dashboard, where each have widgets grouped around one point of view.
(For example,
one of tab may content Interface status, Gaitway status, ping/jitter graphics, small amount of in/out statistics for each interface,
another tab may content traffic graphs for each lan with small common stat
third tab - whole system info, used resources and running daemons
four tab - ARP and DHCP tables)

So proposal are:
Several tabs in Dashboard
(added by “+” at the right from last right tab, settings in “Miscellaneous” which tab display at login, each tab may have own title)

Some Results from Stats able to be added to Dashboard's tab
(useful for small charts, like ARP, DHCP, etc...)

Max number of tabs are 4
(later on the tablets that would be matter)

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 month ago

  • Subject changed from Several tabs in Dashboard to Multiple Dashboard views for a single user
  • Target version deleted (2.7.0)

A: Please do not set a target version on issues. Feature planning and resource allocation are something we determine internally, not based on user requests.

B: You can sort of do this now. Each user can have its own custom dashboard. System > User Manager , edit a user and check Use individual customized GUI options and dashboard layout for this user, then login as that user and customize the dashboard however you like. Then logout and back in as different users for different views. Not as easy as tabs, but possible.


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