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Email notification flood when UPS (NUT) and WAN send notifications

Added by Riccardo Ambrosi about 1 month ago.

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When my UPS (monitored with NUT) and one of my WAN (PPPoE) both send email notifications close to each other, it starts an email notification flood that end only with a reboot of the machine itself.
I'm receiving the same alerts over and over, every 10s or so.

In this thread there are some tests I took which included checking the file notices_lastmsg.txt. That didn't update unless something new happened (normal behaviour I guess), only then it changed with the new notification, and the emails now contains also the new lines.

This is how I was able to reproduce the problem:
  • I unplugged ups and 5 to 10s later unplugged wan2 and the email started flooding.
    First email I received is from the UPS, followed by the wan2 down:

    The file notices_lastmsg.txt is updated with:
    MONITOR: WAN2_PPPOE has packet loss, omitting from routing group WAN_FAILOVER

    The following minutes the same last email is getting repeated every 10 sec or so, here are the next 3:

    During the flood, the file notices_lastmsg.txt didn't change unless something new happened (so did the email notifications), only then it changed with the new notification, like at 7:12, where I plugged back in the wan2:

    Now the emails are being sent also with the new notifications, they are adding up.
    Afterwards I rebooted and I recevied the last email:

    This is the content of notices_lastmsg.txt now:
    7:09:43 MONITOR: WAN2_PPPOE has packet loss, omitting from routing group WAN_FAILOVER||WAN2_PPPOE|10.029ms|1.699ms|24%|down|highloss
    7:12:47 MONITOR: WAN2_PPPOE is available now, adding to routing group WAN_FAILOVER||WAN2_PPPOE|11.602ms|0.092ms|0.0%|online|none
    7:12:48 DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN2 (pppoe0) to
    7:14:01 pfSense is rebooting now.
    7:15:18 Bootup complete

The ups came back online at 7:12:52, I've got only one email relative to it, in the middle of the other wan2 ones:


clipboard-202205270840-s45wf.png (45.7 KB) clipboard-202205270840-s45wf.png Riccardo Ambrosi, 05/27/2022 01:40 AM
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