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when assigning a vlan to wan interface configured mac address is not used

Added by Oscar Muntenaar 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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I just updated my 22.05 to 23.01, and I noticed my mac address I configured in the physical interface was not getting used. I have a provider that has configured vlans, and I need vlan34 for internet. I have a reserved ip address tied to the mac address I configured on the interface, but once I assign wan to .34 interface the physical mac address gets used instead of the configured mac address.

I've reverted to 22.05 and then I do get the correct ip address and the configured mac address does get used.

I have recreated network configuration (removed vlan and mac address), rebooted the box. Set mac address on physical interface reboot (check in shell, configured ip address gets used). Configured vlan 34 on physical interface and reboot and the physical mac address is used for .34 interface (checked in shell, plus different wan ip address).

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Updated by Oscar Muntenaar 3 months ago

I've tried the configuration on a sg-3100, that does exactly the same. Once you set the wan interface to the .34 interface the physical mac address gets used instead of the configured one.

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Updated by Oscar Muntenaar 3 months ago

I've done some more testing.

I now have the physical interface igc0 set as opt1. In that interface is set the wanted mac address and set the interface to enable. then if I set the wan assignment to igc0.34 it does use the spoofed mac address and all is well.

What I find puzzling is that in 22.05 I assigned igc0 to wan, and then set the spoofed mac address. When I then assign wan to igc0.34 it does use the spoofed mac address. That does not work like that anymore in 23.01.

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Updated by Chris W about 1 month ago

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I'm unable e to reproduce this. Steps taken:

1. Flash a 3100 with a new installation of 22.05
2. Noted original WAN MAC address and then changed it in Interfaces > WAN
3. Added a VLAN 34 with parent WAN, and enabled the interface for
4. Rebooted and confirmed the MAC for VLAN and parent were correct:
ifconfig mvneta2 && ifconfig mvneta2.34
5. Upgraded to 23.01 through the GUI
6. Confirmed the MACs again with ifconfig. The spoofed MAC address was still assigned to the parent and VLAN.

Let me know if there's something I'm missing. I also suggest opening a ticket with TAC for a 23.01 firmware image:

You can back up your configuration from Diagnostics > Backup & Restore, reflash the firewall, and then import your config. Can also try the above steps before importing your configuration. This would reveal if the issue you're seeing is a result of something with the upgrade not having completed successfully, or a conflicting configuration setting.

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Updated by Oscar Muntenaar about 1 month ago

Hi Chris,

I've opened two tac cases (as I have a primary fw as a whitebox, and the sg-3100 as backup). I did a recovery with 23.01 on the sg-3100 as it is cold stand-by and configured a spoofed address for the mvneta2 interface. This was assigned as wan interface. I've configured vlan34 on the nmvneta2 interface. When I change the wan assignment from mvneta2 to mvneta2 it somehow still looses the spoofed wan address. I've supplied the status output file in the tac case.


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