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12:33 PM pfSense Docs New Content #12597: How to reset IPMI settings and password for Netgate appliances
Commit adding IPMI password reset steps to the current reference page which appears in the 1537 and 1541 documentatio... Chris W


08:02 PM pfSense Bug #13092 (Feedback): PPPoE WANs fail to reconnect after parameter negotiation failure
Opened on behalf of TAC ticket 881570903.
After a six hour ISP outage, the service was restored but pfSense didn't...
Chris W


07:31 PM pfSense Docs Correction #12994: Note in 4100 platform page refers to the 7100
All three pages currently show only the 4100:
Chris W


07:11 PM pfSense Docs Todo #12935 (Duplicate): Update ClamAV to 0.104.2 or latest non-release candidate (CVE-2022-20698)
Currently ClamAV 0.104.1 is packaged in 22.01/2.6 and contains this vulnerability which was fixed in version 0.104.2.... Chris W
07:11 PM pfSense Todo #12934 (Resolved): Update strongSwan
Currently StrongSwan 5.9.4 is packaged in 22.01/2.6, and contains this vulnerability which was fixed in version 5.9.5... Chris W


10:48 AM pfSense Regression #12904 (Not a Bug): Intel X500 series interfaces (ixgbe) show incoming errors in 2.6/22.01, whereas they did not in 2.5.2
Notes as of the time of filing:
- Errors are only on incoming packets, not outgoing.
- All users reporting so far a...
Chris W


08:17 PM pfSense Feature #12682 (Duplicate): RADIUS authentication fallback for pfSense GUI
Feature request to allow specifying multiple RADIUS servers with a fallback database for authentication when logging ... Chris W


10:59 AM pfSense Bug #11863: Unable to create nested URL aliases
Working as expected on:... Chris W


04:20 PM pfSense Bug #11863: Unable to create nested URL aliases
Verified working as expected on:... Chris W


01:32 PM pfSense Bug #11818: Mixed use of aliases in a port range produces unloadable ruleset
Also confirming the attempted combination use of aliases and ports on 2.6 Development:... Chris W

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