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04:51 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15361: Error in virtual IP aliases when using IPv6 "network" / "broadcast" addresses
What's the end goal you're looking for here?
An IP alias should take a single address you want to add to a specifi...
Chris W
03:30 PM pfSense Plus Feature #15368 (New): Bulk import DHCP host reservations
It'd be a huge time saver to import from a CSV or XML file into Kea, or even just pasting into a text field like Fire... Chris W


12:08 AM pfSense Packages Todo #15270 (Closed): ENUMER STUN
That feed isn't enabled by default and we don't maintain it. The pfBlockerNG developer includes the ability to one-cl... Chris W


09:43 PM pfSense Packages Bug #15333 (Confirmed): Interface Description not updated properly when add/creating new interface in Suricata
Similar behavior as seen with Snort (#15334). Differences are:
- When you change the dropdown selection of an inte...
Chris W
05:53 PM pfSense Packages Bug #15334 (Confirmed): Interface Description not updated properly when add/creating new interface in Snort
To be clear, what you're looking for is to select any interface in Snort (and Suricata) and have the Description form... Chris W


09:13 PM pfSense Packages Bug #15313 (Confirmed): Zabbix server 6.4.12 requires Zabbix proxies to be version 6.4.12
Chris W


03:15 AM pfSense Plus Bug #15303: dpinger service does not always switch from Pending to Online
Mr. Prewitt and I had a phone session today and spent a significant amount of time gathering information about the sy... Chris W


08:49 PM pfSense Packages Todo #15281 (Confirmed): Upgrade Tailscale to 1.6.0
Plus 24.03 has tailscale-1.56.1 available in the Package Manager. Would be great to pull in 1.6.0 if possible. Chris W


01:14 AM pfSense Feature #15257 (Confirmed): Support using a mask to block MAC addresses in Captive Portal
I can duplicate this on 23.09.1. A MAC address block rule which includes a mask still allows authentication and then ... Chris W


11:05 PM pfSense Bug #5849 (Closed): Routing fail on CARP IPsec
Closing this since it hasn't been reproduced and there have been many changes and fixes over the last 8 years in all ... Chris W

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